Johnny Depp Scolds the Actor-Turned-Musician

Johnny Depp Scolds the Actor-Turned-Musician


Johnny Depp is one of the most well-known faces in the world of cinema and is also known for his musical ability he has proven to possess in a number of his on-screen roles. Even though the Oscar nominee holds great talent both the film acting and music realms, the star has recently spoken out, scolding the individuals who deem themselves as an actor-turned-musician.

Depp’s statement was to raise awareness for the sense of vanity and lack of artistry displayed by a number of artists who gained some notoriety as a film or TV star and then capitalized on their fame to create and sell an album in the masses. The actor says that he is “sickened” by the act at times, as the music is usually lacking artistic taste and created simply for the fact that a pop culture icon was creating it. The actor says he wants fans to be interested in the actual music that is being made and not the famous person that is making it.

The act has grown to be a trend amongst young Hollywood stars, a number of which Depp is possibly referring to. The actor states that it is a modern luxury that anyone who garners a decent amount of success and who has even a slight hint of musicality about them can go and start a band of their own and then capitalize on their work in other parts of the entertainment industry. Depp says that he has a great love for music and he thoroughly enjoys putting those skills into his acting work and also gets a great amount of artistic satisfaction from playing on friends’ records, but he will never put out a solo album or create something like “The Johnny Depp Band” because of his dislike for celebrities capitalizing on their fame and ruining musical artistry.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is known for displaying his musical chops in movie musicals such as Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (for which the actor earned an Oscar nod for) and can currently be seen belting out the tunes of another beloved Broadway musical in Rob Marshall’s Into the Woods. The latter of the two films received a number of Oscar nominations as well when the contenders were announced just last week. Depp did not receive a nod for his portrayal of the smooth-talking, zoot-suit-wearing Big Bad Wolf, but that is fairly understandable as the role is rather small, only amounting to about fifteen minutes of screen time total, so it is highly likely that the part of the Wolf did not qualify for any of the best acting categories this year.

In addition to Into the Woods, Depp has another film releasing nationwide tomorrow in which he is the top-billed star. Mortdecai hits theaters on Jan. 23 and features Depp as a wealthy art collector alongside a supporting cast of established actors comprised of Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor and Olivia Munn. The star also has another project releasing later this year, a film titled Yoga Hosers in which Depp stars alongside his fifteen-year-old daughter, Lily-Rose.

Johnny Depp has made his opinion on the modern music industry very clear in his scolding of the actor-turned-musician and hopefully more artistically established individuals such as the Into the Woods actor will continue to support this cause and change the industry for the better. Audiences can catch the star in Mortdecai, opening in theaters tomorrow.

By Cody Collier

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