John Kasich Must get it Right

John Kasich Must get it Right


If you’re going to quote one of the greatest Presidents and men in our nation’s history, you must get it right, or at least be close and be factually correct. I am personally offended when those who are supposed to represent the people of our nation distort the truth by misrepresenting one of the few truly great and worthy men in our nation’s history. John Kasich simply must get it right, or shut up and sit down.

Out of necessity Republicans are getting an early start on the 2016 campaign. Because they are speaking to the choir, little information has been revealed, with the exception that the division within the party is widening.

Republicans were heavy into the Sunday talk shows. Former Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum was on CNN claiming that he was an expert on national security; Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal talked religion on ABC; Mike Huckabee discussed Common Core on NBC; and Ohio Governor John Kasich quoted Abraham Lincoln on FOX as he criticized the President’s remarks during the State of the Union Speech, calling for higher taxes on the very wealthy to pay for tax cuts and social programs for the middle class. The problem is, President Lincoln never spoke the words coming out of the mouth of Kasich.

Kasich claimed that Mr. Lincoln was against ‘tearing the big guy down to build the little guy up.’ Not only did Lincoln not say anything near that remark, he didn’t believe it. Lincoln believed in a ‘progressive tax.’ He signed a bill requiring the wealthy to pay more than those who made a lower income. His first income tax was levied to fund the Civil War in 1861.

A quote similar to Kasich’s was spoken by a minister who was born eight years after Lincoln was assassinated. A quote which is attributed to Mr. Lincoln said: “Labor is prior to and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.”

Across the nation some Republican Governors are rebuking their federal constituents, and calling for tax increases. In my own state of Nevada our very popular Republican Governor Brian Sandoval has proposed a 1.1 billion dollar tax increase to fund our educational system. The Republican controlled legislature promises to defeat his proposal.

They might want to consider another actual quote by Mr. Lincoln: “Republicans are for both the man and the dollar, but in case of conflict the man before the dollar.”

Other Republican Governors have made proposals which would increase various taxes. In Michigan there is a bill to raise the sales tax. Utah has proposed a tax on ‘E’ cigarettes. South Carolina and South Dakota will present legislation to increase the gasoline sales tax. Arizona had planned to eliminate the state income tax, but shortfalls have postponed the initiative.

Republicans in the federal government are standing in the shadows of the past and have a backward thinking agenda. 56 percent of Republicans are opposed any and all tax increases. Members of the GOP continue to believe in Ronald Reagan’s failed ‘supply side,’ or ‘trickle-down economics. They want to lower taxes on the wealthy which would raise those of the middle class. Republican’s claim that lower taxes on the super-rich would lead to more home ownership; in other words they want to remove regulations which prevent the banking industry from creating another recession. George W. Bush’s failed ‘give the country away’ policy.

The inside bickering within the GOP reminds me of the ‘serials’ I used to see between the double features in a movie theater. You couldn’t wait until the next week to see which twists and turns the plot would take.

Commentary by James Turnage


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  1. Mr. Turnage writes the truth. The requirement for improving things is much harder. Nothing will change unless we kick power in the gut, and when it is down, cut off its head. Figuratively speaking.