Jennifer Love Hewitt Loves Her Second Pregnancy

Jennifer Love Hewitt Loves Her Second Pregnancy


For many, the trauma of the first pregnancy is enough to worry mothers the second time, but Jennifer Love Hewitt is reportedly loving it. She says that she cannot wait to expand her little family.

The 35-year-old actress is already mother to a daughter, Autumn. During her first pregnancy, she admitted that she worried that she would become a woman obsessed with getting her thin figure back. However, once she held her daughter, nothing else mattered. She focused more energy spending time with her newborn and weight loss was pushed to the backburner. She never really lost all the weight before finding out that she was expecting her second baby with Brian Hallisay. The two married in secret shortly before the birth of their daughter.

A source close to Hewitt told E! Online that the star loves pregnancy and is already four months along. Having two children under the age of two years is not going to be easy, but she reportedly loves that her children will be close to each other in terms of age. She is also excited about becoming a mother for the second time, as if this was something she was born to do.

The source also stated that Hewitt and her husband have not spent that much time away from their daughter. The I Know What You Did Last Summer actress quickly landed the role of Kate Callaghan on Criminal Minds after giving birth to her daughter. However, while filming, the nanny will always bring Autumn to the set. The baby will spend time in her trailer during filming with the nanny, and then her mother of one can see her during breaks.

Hewitt announced her second pregnancy earlier this month, and is reportedly loving it. The baby is due later this year, but no month has been shared. Judging by the sources statement of her being four months along, it would suggest June is the expected month.

The timing could be useful for Criminal Minds filming. Most of the scenes will have finished filming now, with a few left for the next few months. Many fans have wondered how the team will handle the pregnancy news, and whether it will be written in for Hewitt in the show. There is the possibility that her pregnancy will be hidden.

How I Met Your Mother was forced to hide pregnancies during the series. Cobie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan were pregnant around the same time, but could not be written into the show. Smulders’ character Robin had stated she did not want children, while Hannigan’s character Lily was not at a point in her relationship with Marshall to try for children.

Nashville opted for writing Hayden Panettiere’s pregnancy into the show. Her character, Juliette, found out she was eight weeks pregnant during the first two episodes of season three. Charmed also took that approach when actress Holly Marie Combs announced her second pregnancy.

For now, it seems like the 35-year-old actress and her husband are enjoying their time together with their daughter. Hewitt is excited and loving her second pregnancy so far.

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