J.K. Rowling Breaking the Two-Part Sequel Trend

J.K. Rowling Breaking the Two-Part Sequel Trend


J.K. Rowling, one of the most successful authors in the world, has kept herself in the literary limelight ever since the release of the Harry Potter series. Rowling now has another piece of her writing that is being adapted for the silver screen and it seems as if this may very well be the film to break the strenuous trend of two-part sequels.

Rowling has recently been in headlines for her retaliation on Twitter against the likes of Rupert Murdoch who blatantly accused the entirety of the Muslim community for the horrendous killings that have taken place in Paris. The author’s rebuttal to Murdoch’s tweet was very straightforward in the sense that Rowling did not hold back in bringing Murdoch’s ignorance to light. The writer has received much praise as well as a great amount of flack for her statement, but it is one that she did not go about lightly and one she most definitely knew the facts on.

Regarding Rowling’s latest involvement in the film industry, it has been announced that the writer’s book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is to transition into a feature film in the latter half of 2016. The book is actually a textbook within the world of Harry Potter, one that the students of Hogwarts come across in their studies. Originally, the movie studios of the new endeavor announced that the project was most likely going to become a trilogy of films. That, however, has apparently changed as the filmmakers seem to have a different mindset on the matter. The producer of Fantastic Beasts, David Heyman, recently stated that the production team is now treating the project as a single film and if a saga does ensue, then the films will be taken one at a time.

This is a very refreshing approach to the creation of major Hollywood blockbusters. The trend of two-part sequels began with the final chapter of the Harry Potter film franchise. The likes of the Twilight saga followed suit with their final installments, Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and Breaking Dawn – Part 2. The use of a two-part finale is somewhat understandable for these two franchises as the final book in each series is quite lengthy, averaging around 700-800 pages. In order to get a well-rounded experience from the novel within a two hour movie, it is called for to create a second film.

In the sense of The Hunger Games or the Divergent series, which are both also receiving two-part finales, it is a bit of a stretch. The final book in each of those series run roughly 400-500 pages, an average length for a young adult novel. This length does not call for two films though, as was stated by many who viewed the latest Hunger Games installment, Mockingjay – Part 1.

Rowling will pen the script of Fantastic Beasts and most likely had a say in the creation of a single film as opposed to the aforementioned trilogy. In addition to her numerous works in the wizarding world, the author has stepped into the shoes of adult fiction with books like The Casual Vacancy and even went under the pen name of Robert Galbraith to write a selection of crime novels such as The Cuckoo’s Calling.

The work of J.K. Rowling is what began the trend of the two-part sequel and it seems as if it will be her work that will end it as well. Followers of Rowling can keep up with her latest endeavors in the wizarding world on her interactive fan site, Pottermore.com.

By Cody Collier

Hollywood Reporter
Cinema Blend

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