iPhone Users Sue Apple Over Storage Space Fraud

iPhone Users Sue Apple Over Storage Space Fraud


Apple is having a negative start to 2015 after being hit with the news that iPhone users are suing the company over storage space fraud. Individuals claim that the 16GB storage space advertised is certainly not that, and the company is lying in marketing materials. According to reports, the main issue has come with iOS 8, which allegedly takes up a fifth of the storage space.

The promoted storage space has never been the case for technology. The operating system for any device always takes up some of that space, and that has always been the case. Apple is not the first company to struggle with this issue when users realize the truth, but it seems iPhone users are extremely unhappy about the recent operating system.

At least 18 percent of the storage space is taken up iOS 8 on most Apple devices. For iPhone 5s users, 18.1 percent is used, but iPod users see 23.1 percent users. Those who have the recent phone and mobile tablet devices see around 20 percent of their storage taken up by the operating system, which is much more than previous operating systems.

Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara decided that it was time Apple was held accountable for offering less storage space than advertised. The two iPhone users claim in the Miami lawsuit that they are suing Apple over storage space fraud. The tech giant should have disclosed to users that 20 percent of the space would be used up on the 16GB versions of the phones. It is an excessive amount, and could make people think again about buying the devices.

The pair decided to sue the company individually, but are doing it on “behalf of all others” who have found similar frustrations. They claim that Apple is acting deceptively, and is misleading consumers by omitting material facts. The two want $5 million in damages.

Apple backs up its decision to allow the operating system to take up so much space. With Cloud technology, more people are now backing up their photos and videos online. There is no need to worry about the space taken up on the device, as moving files and saving them elsewhere has become so easy.

However, the plaintiffs deem that it is all part of the tech giant’s game. By selling the iPhone with less storage than advertised, individuals are pressured into buying more Cloud storage. It puts more money into Apple’s pockets due to omitting these facts at the point of original sale.

Apple has been sued over storage space in the past. In 2007, a case over storage space on the iPod Nano was dismissed in a court of law. The plaintiffs at the time were angry that seven percent of their 8GB storage space was taken up by the operating system.

Microsoft was also sued for the same issue in 2012. Plaintiffs claimed that only half of the advertised 32GB storage space was actually available for use on the Surface tablets. The Windows operating system took up the rest of the space.

Time will tell how the Apple case works out. Right now, many iPhone users are angry at finding the operating system taking up so much space, and two users have decided to sue Apple over the storage space fraud.

By Alexandria Ingham


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