Idina Menzel Hits Back at NYE’s “Let It Go” Performance Haters

Idina Menzel Hits Back at NYE’s “Let It Go” Performance Haters [Video]


Idina Menzel, vocalist behind the now somewhat legendary song Let It Go, has responded to the abundance of critics who hated on her New Year’s Eve performance of the hit track, saying that it was unbelievably out of tune and one of the worst live acts to ever appear on the NYE special. The 43-year-old took to Twitter to defend herself against the attacks, giving her side of the story for what she felt her performance dictated in terms of success or failure.

In the uploaded tweet in question, Menzel gave reference to just how many notes in total there were in a musical lasting two and a half hours, and given the fact that she is a perfectionist she has always beaten herself up about whether or not she manages to hit all of them successfully during her performance. Over time, however, the New York native says she came to terms with the fact that this was simply not possibly, and that if she was hitting at least 75 percent of them she was doing just fine of a job in terms of vocal performance.

She also goes on to determine her view of what a successful performance is, stating that she feels it is far less to do with vocals and way more to do with connecting to the song and the audience overall. Menzel makes reference to the fact that her critics put her on blast for missing the key high note in Let It Go, something she says does not matter anywhere near the amount that making oneself real to the audience does, and that performing is not all about the acrobatics and vocal tricks that the public and media make it out to be. Menzel insists that staying in the moment is far more important to her than successfully completing every single run, note, etc, and that this is a mentality which took years and various states of turmoil in order to achieve. She finished her social media defense by admitting that she knew there was no way that she was going to get everything right all the time in terms of live performances or performances in general, but that she had the courage to accept this flaw and try to do her best in order to overcome it and be happy with the achievements she does reach.

Menzel was part of the insanely star-studded lineup for the traditional end of the year NYE special, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, alongside such A-list performers as Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, and the boys from One Direction. Fans were somewhat startled when the usually stellar performer failed to hit the aforementioned main high note in the song, and took to Twitter shortly after to voice their discontent. Indeed, one viewer said that he felt Menzel’s performance was the absolutely worst he had ever seen from someone who was usually such a professional.

Although the public scrutiny regarding Idina Menzel’s NYE live performance of Frozen’s Let It Go is still coming forth via steady stream of social media comments, the singer is not backing down. She remains adamant that she has no regrets in terms of how she performed, and that people need to start focusing on how an artist connects with the track versus exactly how textbook professional they ended up performing it.

By Rebecca Grace

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