Hoodie Wearing in Oklahoma a Crime?

Hoodie Wearing in Oklahoma a Crime?


Are our state and federal governments attempting to turn the United States into a fascist nation? Constitutional violations are the final step in the creation of a nation which seeks complete control over the actions of its people. A tragic loss of life occurred on September 11, 2001, but that was not the sole result of the heinous attacks. Panic and fear spread like wildfire; and as it did, our government found a way to eliminate the fourth amendment to our Constitution. The gave it a clever name, ‘the Patriot Act,’ but its true purpose was to allow the federal government to spy on its own people and have the ability to take any other actions they deemed necessary. Their justification; anti-terrorism. Oklahoma is planning to pass legislation banning the wearing of hoodies. They claim it is for ‘crime prevention.’

Republican state senator Don Barrington introduced the bill. It would forbid the wearing of a mask, hood, or any other item which would cover a face during the commission of a crime. He claims it would be a deterrent to crime. Exceptions would be given for children on Halloween, masquerade parties, religious apparel, or items worn for medical reasons.

Does it appear that Mr. Barrington has missed a simple fact? He claims that the law would prevent criminals from covering their faces. It seems that the only ones covering their faces would be criminals at the time of their illicit action. What’s to stop them from removing a mask or hood and putting it on just before the crime is committed?hoodie

Our governments have learned an important lesson; it’s easy to control a nation’s people if they are constantly in a state of fear. Logic and common sense are terrible things to waste.

Ocala Florida voted to place a ban on ‘saggy’ pants. A fine up to $500 could be charged if pants are worn more than two inches below the natural waistline, or are low enough to show underwear or buttocks. The city council rescinded the law when the NAACP began the steps to file a lawsuit. The complaint stated that the law was directly aimed at young black men who are making a ‘fashion statement.’ Not included within the law was a ban on young women wearing a thong on Florida’s beaches.

What comes next? Will the length of hair be controlled by government? Long hair on men and women can easily mask their identities. Will short skirts be banned? The bottom of a girl’s underwear can be seen if she bends over too far. And what about those stiletto heels women wear? They could and have been used as a deadly weapon.

Politicians love to talk about ‘freedom.’ A former president claimed that our nation’s enemies ‘hate us for our freedom.’ Accumulation of our private information by the NSA is a crime against the American people; they have taken away part of our freedom. Restriction of wearing apparel is ludicrous.

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By James Turnage




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