Grateful Dead Still Continuing ‘Long Strange Trip’ This July in Chicago

Grateful Dead Still Continuing ‘Long Strange Trip’ This July in Chicago


The remaining members of the Grateful Dead are reuniting for a 50th anniversary concert event over the three nights of the Fourth of July weekend in Chicago, at Soldier Field, according to the Chicago Sun Times and other sources, continuing the iconic band’s “long strange trip.” The role of founding member and vocalist, Jerry Garcia, will be filled by Phish vocalist and guitarist, Trey Anastasio.

One major potential problem that the city of Chicago faces is where to house the thousands of Grateful Dead fans, or Deadheads, who are expected to flock to the July holiday concerts. The majority of the Deadhead fans would love to be able to camp out during the long weekend, and enjoy the last time that the remaining Grateful Dead members might perform together in a party-like communal atmosphere.

Securing such a location has proven to be somewhat of a challenge, though people like Jeremy Davis, of Florida, are trying to come up with a satisfactory location. According to the Chicago Sun Times, Davis had already gotten the signatures of approximately 8,000 people on an online petition by Saturday with the aim of allowing people to park their vehicles overnight throughout the holiday weekend in parking lots that surround Soldier Field along Lake Michigan.

In the opinion of Davis, if this overnight parking is allowed, the tens of thousands of Grateful Dead fans anticipated to be attending the three concerts will have a place to camp out. Also, allowing them to park and camp out in the parking lots could ease traffic congestion and the fans would likely be willing to pay a little extra money for the privilege, which would help to boost Chicago’s economy.

On the downside, the city of Chicago would have to maintain a high degree of coordination for the event with the fire department and the police to ensure the safety of all of the fans camping out in the parking lots. Soldier Field spokesman Luca Serra has stated that the ability to maintain the safety of the Grateful Dead fans is key in the decision to either deny or allow Deadheads to camp in the parking lots.

Allowing the Deadheads to camp out in the parking lots would potentially result in the firemen and policemen involved having to paid more overtime. According to Luca Serra, the city will be evaluating the pros and cons of allowing Deadheads to camp in the parking lots over the next several weeks.

The city of Chicago has a history of allowing people to camp out during a weekend while they attend concerts. For instance, Lollopalooza has been hosted at Chicago’s lakefront Grant Park, where multiple musical acts have performed over several days.

The three concerts are being called the Fare Thee Well concerts. In 1995, the Grateful Dead performed its final concerts with lead singer and guitarist, Jerry Garcia. He passed away later that year, in August.

For many Grateful Dead Fans, the ones who try to attend as many of the band’s concerts as they possibly can, being with their friends and fellow Deadhead fans is like a family reunion or get-together, an event that they eagerly anticipate, often for months in advance. With Jerry Garcia now dead, and the band only being resurrected, so to speak, for the three-day July Fourth holiday weekend, fans like Jeremy Davis would love to see the petition approved. Davis works in finance, but he also makes and sells jewelry at the Grateful Dead concerts.

The Grateful Dead will be continuing the band’s “long strange trip,” this coming July Fourth weekend by giving three concerts at Chicago’s Soldier Field. Fans of the Grateful Dead would love to be able to camp out over the holiday weekend, but a decision has not yet been arrived at if their wish will be granted. Tens of thousands of fans are expected to attend the three concerts.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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Chicago Sun Times
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  1. Here’s a direct link to the petition. Please take a moment to look it over, and if it makes sense – PLEASE SIGN! This can (and probably WILL) save a life if allowed (maybe even more!) This is by far the safest and most common sense approach for all involved. Please help!

  2. Hi Douglas Cobb, very nice write up. I was trying to find your email, but was unable. This is a great article! I notice the name of the event was listed here as “Fare Thee Effectively” though I believe the name of the event is “Fare Thee Well” Also in the paragraph about the city police and firemen, I didn’t say the city was “evaluating…”, that was Luc Serra. What I said, was that this is a wonderful opportunity for the city of Chicago to immediately take economic advantage of the projected $50 million to $100 million in expected revenue (already realized by the sold out area hotels), but creating immediate jobs for the community and utilizing this revenue to better the city infrastructure. 2nd to last paragraph I am called Jerry Davis instead of Jeremy Davis (in the same sentence with Jerry Garcia, so an honor, but also minor typo). Also here is a link to the petition, which would also strengthen you’re already super article –

    • Hi, Jeremy:

      Thanks for your comment! I was using sources that did not make entirely clear who was saying what, but I have now made the corrections that you mentioned. I wish you much success with your petition. I only saw the Grateful Dead once, when Jerry Garcia was still alive, in Champaign, Illinois, but it was a very memorable concert.