GOP Member Challenges for Stupidity Crown

GOP Member Challenges for Stupidity Crown


Commentary by James Turnage

He’s from Texas so we know he already had a large number of points; but when Republican Congressman Randy Weber sent a tweet comparing the President to Hitler, he raised the bar. He is definitely in contention for the crown given to the stupidest member of the GOP.

Criticism of politicians is expected. If you are brash and ignorant enough to run for public office, you deserve to be belittled. Any individual in a position of power is inviting scrutiny of every action. But when an ill-informed politician labels another politician as acting like ‘Hitler,’ he deserves hateful and immediate response. Weber joins other ignorant and hateful persons such as Hank Williams Jr., and Rush Limbaugh; not people you would be proud to have as allies, and should not be considered members of the GOP.

It all occurred because no prominent American official was present at the march in Paris which was in support of Charlie Hebdo and decried the horrific attack by two cowardly individuals who murdered 12 innocent employees of the satirical magazine.

Criticism is only valid if the facts are considered. Weber may have been elected to serve in Congress, but he is obviously unqualified; he has no knowledge of how things work in Washington.

There was no formal notice or invitation for the march. In addition, because of the extreme precautions taken whenever the President travels outside of the country, he would have been a disturbing presence. Secretary of State John Kerry would have been the first choice to represent the United States, but without advance notice, he had already planned an unscheduled trip to Pakistan.

Valid criticism from the GOP can be applied to Attorney General Eric Holder who was in France at the time, and that will need to be explained.

The only person that matters is the President of France. Francois Hollande responded to a message from the White House and said that he and his country were not offended. Our ambassador to France was present.

Weber may be one of the most ignorant members of the GOP, tied with Ted Cruz who is also from Texas, but there are others. Topping the list of nominees is two-time presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Romney spent the weekend attempting to reassemble his campaign staff, and contacting donors. It is now obvious that he will make a third run at the White House.

Late night talk show host Seth Meyers joked that Romney got the idea to run again by ‘watching his dog repeatedly run into an electric fence.’

A recent poll did reveal that likely Republican voters favor Romney above all possible candidates, followed by Jeb Bush and Chris Christie.

The list of possible GOP hopefuls is too long to list. The only Republican who is guaranteed not to run is George W. Bush; he cannot run, and no one would vote for him with the exception of his family and those who work for FOX News.

Would Republicans actually vote for a perennial loser? Would they vote for a man who is a member of the super-rich, which proved to be his largest deficit in 2012?

Being an Independent, the GOP confounds me. I was first able to vote in 1967; I admired many Democrats and Republicans. My ballot was then and is now most likely a ‘mixed bag.’ However, the present situation will make it extremely difficult for me to consider any Republican whose name is on the ballot in 2016. I always vote for the candidate I feel is most qualified and who aligns his or herself with my ideals; and I don’t vote for ‘stupid.’

By James Turnage




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