Glee Season 5 Catch-Up Ready for Season 6

Glee Season 5 Catch-Up Ready for Season 6


Glee season six started last night, but many are looking for a season five catch-up. It has just been so long between the two seasons, due to various issues with networks and filming.

Season five saw more of the Glee cast move to New York, while a small handful focused on their careers elsewhere. For Rachel Berry, she realized that the television called to her more than Broadway, and eventually made the decision to move to Los Angeles to work on her pilot. Of course, the pilot was not without its ups and downs. There were terrible rewrites, and Rachel struggled to get what she wanted from it across.

In the end, she used music to get her true wants across, and finally the pilot was made. It all seemed like it could be a success for the former glee club member.

Rather than careers, others seemed more focused on their love lives in season five. For Kurt and Blaine, there was a lot of “will they, will they not” when it came to breaking up. Blaine finally admitted that he was lying to Kurt over June not really wanting him in the upcoming showcase, and fans wondered whether it would be the end. However, Kurt got over the lying and Blaine risked his job by bringing Kurt on the stage to sing American Boy by Kanye West to show that June was wrong for not wanting him.

One couple did not see sparks in season five of Glee, and it will be interesting what a catch-up will be like for season six. Mercedes and Sam decided to bring their relationship to an end. Despite Mercedes not viewing a kiss as cheating, Sam made it clear that he was not completely interested in marriage for now. That meant sex was completely off the table, and Mercedes did not want to force him to wait.

Sam did decide to return to Ohio in the end after seeing his face on the side of a bus. He decided his model career had reached the top, and wanted to go back to his family. While in Ohio, he found that the choir room was now a computer lab, setting up the premise for Glee season six.

It is now up to the former glee club members to get the music room back. Sue Sylvester is adamant that music and the arts have no place in a public school, and she certainly does not want to see the glee club back. However, the former members are back to help.

The start of season six saw Rachel return after her show failed. She is willing to put everything in to help the school’s club get back to where it was, and even had a rendition of Let It Go to make it clear she was back. Blaine has already returned, and it turns out that things were not rosy for him and Kurt in New York. After the season five catch-up, it is time to watch season six of Glee on Friday nights.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham

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