FOX News Is the Worst Source for Dating Tips

FOX News Is the Worst Source for Dating Tips [Video]


The New Year has finally arrived and after the haze of the parties and fun has lifted, many people will be looking at their resolutions. Almost as popular as weight loss and quit some bad habit is the resolution to find a new boyfriend (or girlfriend) to hopefully kiss next New Year’s Eve. Ever the helpful voices of conservatism, the fine people over at FOX News have put together some tips for women looking for their next Valentine. But there is a problem. FOX News is the worst source for dating tips on the planet.

The conservative news network may not be the type of place one would expect to find dating advice, but the nice people over at Fox and Friends branched out to bring people the lighter side of life. Or at least the men of the network did. In a segment called “Single Man, Married Man,” the eight men who wrote the segment advised ladies on “the way to his heart.” Suggestions included “catering” to the man’s needs, “stroking his ego” and “prepare his meals, draw him a bath, and massage his feet.” These suggestions brought some very awkward comments from the hosts of the show, who seemed unable to comprehend that they were actually doing this segment.

FOX News, FOXWhile the hosts of Fox and Friends (who were not the regular hosts) had the decency to seem a little embarrassed that they were talking about this subject in this way, the FOX network does not share their scruples. The people over at Mic reminded their readers of the horrible record that the conservative network has on women, including the attitudes that women care more about fashion than politics, do not deserve the right to vote and cannot park a car. After that, it is hard to fathom why anyone would ever think that FOX News would be a good source for dating tips.

Giving the benefit of the doubt, (hopefully) not everyone at FOX shares the same views these male writers do about what women should do in relationships. Unfortunately, most of their views on women belong back in the 1800s. In case anyone at FOX was wondering, women won the right to vote already, they can now own property independently of men and at least some of them care about politics because they were largely responsible for electing President Obama. Twice. Obviously women do care about politics and they care enough not to vote for conservatives who share views with FOX.

The conservative media network’s views on women have been obvious for quite some time and, judging from this story, they have not changed in 2015. What is surprising about this story is not the sexism, but that it took so little time for it happen in the new year. So, as the segment itself said, ladies should listen up and remember that FOX News is the worst source for dating tips in the world. If women really want to get a new partner (of any gender or sex) in 2015, their best bet is to be themselves and if anyone asks them to do anything on that list of tips, remember that a relationship is not the be all and end all of one’s existence. Women are worth more than just stroking a man’s (or anyone’s ego) and they are definitely worth more than FOX seems to value them.

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Opinion By Lydia Bradbury


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