Fox Confirms Possible X-Files Reboot and More

Fox Confirms Possible X-Files Reboot and More


Fox has confirmed it may possibly reboot the X-Files and more. It comes as the network attempts to combat against growing networks like CBS and NBC. However, there are many sceptical over reboots, which have failed in the past on other networks.

There are currently talks in bringing Agent Mulder and Agent Scully to Fox. Seemingly taking a leaf out of the CW’s book, there is a chance that the original stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will make a reappearance on the show. The CW rebooted 90210 and brought back a number of original characters to help encourage more people to watch it. Unfortunately, the show was not as popular as the network had hoped for it to be.

X-Files was hugely popular between 1993 and 2002, and continues to be used in passing on various other TV shows and in movies. CEOs Gary Newman and Dana Walden are reportedly in talks to bring it back to the small screen. They worked together during the nine year run of the show, and remained friends with the two stars and series creator Chris Carter.

There is hope that the show will come back, but Walden admitted that the actors are involved in other projects. Carter also has a lot going on, but he is looking into making time for the reboot. It seems the actors are both excited. Anderson had recently spoke about her enjoyment for the show and how she would love for a reboot to happen.

X-Files is not the only show that may get a reboot on Fox, as many more are being considered. The network is currently considering another popular TV show, 24. However, Kiefer Sutherland may not return as Jack Bauer, which raises the question of whether the show will continue with a new character or a new actor to take the role. Sutherland recently said that his bones are creaking and that the last season, which lasted 12 episodes, was his last one. There will be no hard feelings if the show continues without him, as he has suggested it should do. 24 lasted for eight seasons, and was highly popular with viewers around the world.

Discussions are in the works to bring the show back, possibly with a new character. Walden confirmed that the show could continue in 2016, but is not sure whether Sutherland will be in it. They are not far enough into discussions to talk about that.

Fox has already confirmed that a Grease reboot is on its way. The show will follow the hit movie, with Vanessa Hudgens and Julianne Hough as Rizzo and Sandy respectively. Danny Zuko, originally played by John Travolta, is still to be cast for the live TV show. The network is attempting to benefit from NBC’s success with The Sound of Music Live two years ago. However, NBC attempted to recreate that success with Peter Pan and failed.

There are many ideas coming from networks to boost views. Right now, Fox has confirmed it is looking to reboot X-Files, 24 and more.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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