Facebook: Video Posted of Teen Being Attacked

Facebook: Video Posted of Teen Being Attacked


Bullying is a real and present threat in today’s society and Cheyanne Willis is living proof. She endured a double attack, one physical and one mental, as her nightmare was posted on her attackers Facebook page. 19-year-old Willis says that she was set up by her boyfriend and was brutally attacked by multiple women over a car she tried to buy. The whole thing was captured on cell phone videos as she was hit, drawn on and screamed at and most disturbing was that among the screaming the viewer can hear Willis begging for help.

Being brutalized is bad enough, but this gang of women which included one male, the boyfriend of Willis, took it even further by writing on her forehead, cutting her hair and verbally threatening her life. In an interview with WCPO News in Cincinnati Ohio, Willis states that she wishes they would have killed her. She said that she is in fear for her life and although she signed a complaint her attackers are still out there bragging about what they did.

FacebookThe women not only wrote on her but they also signed their names and then uploaded all the evidence to Facebook. One of those women decided to come out and give her side of the story as it is all centered around her car. Cheyenne Fisher states that she was never selling her car as Willis claimed and only gave her the car to use. When repeated attempts to get her car back resulted in a non-responsive Willis, Fisher decided to take matters into her own hands.

In an interview with the same television station, she states that Willis started the fight and attacked first. The video does not show that, which she states is because no one started capturing it until she started to fight back. Fisher said she just wanted her car back and had no intention of fighting until she got attacked by Willis. She had nothing to say about why she would have posted that video to Facebook or why there was no stolen car report. Fisher said when she could not get through to the other girl via text, she went to police to report the car stolen. Police, however, have been unable to find this report.

It is a classic case of he said she said and somewhere in the middle is the truth. Police are still investigating and have not charged anyone with anything at this point. Posting an attack on Facebook seems pretty cut and dry, however when one side accuses the other of stealing her purse after the beating, and the other side claims she stole her car, it gets a bit confusing. This video has been viewed by many and most believe that bullying of any kind is something that the police should take action on in order to stop it from going too far.

Facebook has a few checks and balances in place, one of them being nudity which is flagged immediately. Many believe that videos and pictures should be screened for violence as well and flagged as inappropriate. Cyber bullying could not take place if the social media sites did a better job screening for certain words and images that are commonly used in bullying.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

WCPO News – Attackers Side