Ellie Goulding and Sinatra Sing on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Soundtrack

Ellie Goulding and Sinatra Sing on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Soundtrack


Ellie Goulding sings the official song, Love Me Like You Do, of the upcoming movie, Fifty Shades of Grey (Universal Pictures and Focus Features), and she will be joined on the soundtrack by other famous singers, like Frank Sinatra and Beyoncé. The soundtrack will hit stores next month, on February 10, while the movie will follow not long after, on February 13, 2015. Already, Goulding’s song, in the audio version (the only version out so far) has been viewed over 2 million times in only two days, according to the Business Insider. Please check out this hauntingly beautiful song below!

The entire track list for the soundtrack to the Fifty Shades of Grey album was released today. There is a unique set of songs on it, with mostly love songs featured. Though the Fifty Shades of Grey books are noted for their kinky sex scenes, the book is also about a woman falling in love.

Other than the Ellie Goulding song, Love Me Like You Do, the other songs on the soundtrack include Annie Lennox’s version of the classic song, I Put a Spell On You; Undiscovered, by Laura Walsh; Earned It and Where You Belong, by Weeknd; Jessie Ware’s song, Meet Me In the Middle; Crazy In Love and Haunted, by Beyoncé; Sia’s song, Salted Wound; The Rolling Stones hit, Beast of Burden; I’m On Fire by AWOLNATION; the Frank Sinatra classic, Witchcraft; One Last Night, by Vaults; Skylar Grey’s song, I Know You; and, two songs by Danny Elfman, Anna and Christian and Did That Hurt?

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is one of the biggest selling series of books ever, touching a chord with readers around the world. The novels have been translated into 51 languages and over 100 million copies of the books have been sold, counting e-books.

Christian Grey will be played by actor Jamie Dornan while actress Dakota Johnson will play Anastasia. Other members of the cast of this much-anticipated movie are Luke Grimes; who plays Christian’s brother, Elliot; while Victor Rasuk will have the role of a friend of Anastasia’s, José. Anastasia’s best friend and roommate, Kate, will be played by actress Eloise Mumford, and Marcia Gay Harden will play Christian’s mother, Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey.

Rounding out the cast of Fifty Shades of Grey are Rita Ora, playing Christian’s sister, Mia; Max Martini, as Christian’s bodyguard, Taylor; Callum Keith Rennie as Anastasia’s stepfather, Ray; Jennifer Ehle in the role of Anastasia’s mother, Carla; and, Dylan Neal, playing Carla’s husband, Bob.

Both the first trailer to the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, and the song by Ellie Goulding, Love Me Like You Do, deemed as the official theme song of the movie, have been breaking records. Fans of the erotic trilogy cannot seem to get enough of anything at all related to the hit series of books, which could be very good news for how well the flick does at the box office, opening just in time for Valentine’s Day audiences.

With the romantic song Love Me Like You Do now having been heard by well over 2 million people, English singer Ellie Goulding has a smash on her hands. It could be that the other songs on the soundtrack will also benefit with increased sales, once the album becomes available online and in stores. For now, please check out the Ellie Goulding song, below!

Written By: Douglas Cobb

Ellie Goulding Love Me Like You Do (Audio)

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