David Tennant Will Be a Marvel Villain

David Tennant Will Be a Marvel Villain


Former Time Lord David Tennant will be a Marvel villain. The actor has been confirmed for an upcoming Netflix series A.K.A Jessica Jones. The company announced the addition to the cast on Monday.

This is not the first time Tennant has played a bad guy. In fact, the actor pulls the villain off very well, especially when there is a little crazy mixed in. Many Harry Potter fans will remember him as BArty Crouch Jnr. in The Goblet of Fire. He also played Brendan, a psychopath in Secret Smile. However, the actor is best known for his role as the 10th Doctor in the BBC series Doctor Who. He is a fan favorite for many, with even older viewers enjoying his portrayal of the quirky character.

He joins Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter, who were already confirmed for the Netflix series. Ritter will play the role of Jessica Jones, and is best known for her part in Don’t Trust the B***h in Apartment 23. Fresh from The Good Wife, Colter will play Luke Cage in the new Marvel series. It will last 13 episodes on the streaming service, but no date has yet been confirmed. It is expected later this year.

For those who know very little about this female superhero, she received the powers after her car collided with a truck carrying a variety of chemicals. She opens a detective agency to put her powers to good use. She will turn her back on using her powers, but will quickly find her pulled into helping others with abilities through her detective firm. Of course, every good superhero has a villain and Tennant will the take role of that in this new Marvel adaptation.

Melissa Rosenberg, the executive producer of the series, has said that she is excited and honored at Tennant taking on the role. He will play Zebediah Killgrave, and she expects the character to become an original portrayal. The Scottish actor has already proven his ability to take on a character played by others in the past and make it his own.

The villain also has his own super powers. He can control people through verbal suggestion, making them do everything that he wishes. His skin cells have been altered mutagenically, and all his power originates in them. He is quickly spotted with his purple skin and charismatic charm.

Those who would like to see Tennant in action can catch him on Broadchurch. This UK production is just starting its second season on ITV. He also recently played Detective Emmett Carver in Gracepoint, a mini-series for TV.

Many will now want to know whether his character will appear in a Marvel movie. It is possible considering there are a number of “Civil War” storylines in the Marvel universe. However, the company has not confirmed the possibility yet.

There is no premiere date yet confirmed, and the Internet Movie Database still has the series listed in pre-production status. However, Tennant has been confirmed to take on the role as a Marvel villain for the Netflix series.

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