Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Charlie Hebdo Attack Viable?

Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Charlie Hebdo Attack Viable?


As in any world event, social media is buzzing with conspiracy theories surrounding the attack on the Paris satirical paper Charlie Hebdo. One of the most popular is that it was an inside job due to the timing of the attack. After all, how did these gunmen know exactly when it was best to target at least two high-profile people? The two targets were Stephane Charbonnier, the highest paid cartoonist, and the paper’s editor Jean Cabut. The attack took place, interestingly enough, on ‘press day’ when all of the most important people would be at the publication. Reddit is alive with verbal debates on whether or not this was actually an assassination and not a act of terrorism.

How these gunmen knew that the highest level of targets would be at the paper that day and where they got their information are some of the questions being asked on the popular social media site, Reddit. Other speculation leads to how quickly the attack was over, as if they had specific targets and when they found their intended victims it was a job completed and they left. Many on social media believe this was a hit and not a terror attack and had nothing to do with revenge for a cartoon.

Still others believe that it is a conspiracy due to the fact that it is not known who is responsible for all the bloodshed, that this was somehow a practice and not the actual event or persons they are targeting. Protests are at an all time high in Europe where people are marching against the seemingly Islamic push to take over the land. This is part of the theory that it is not a reaction to a comic as there was no time to coordinate an attack of this magnitude after the cartoon was published and adding the unrest in Europe seems to fuel this theory.

Others on Reddit have noted that the traffic was almost non-existent, and this in and of itself is suspicious on a working day in Paris. Some other points being made on social media are that since the cartoon was published a mere one hour before the attack it makes it hard to believe that this was in retaliation for it.  The gunmen moved with precision and military like coordination and in addition no cars were seen driving by on the streets during the attack. All of this coupled with the fact that this is not the first time a satirical cartoon depicting the ISIS leader, Al-Baghdadi, was published by this paper is making many question what is really happening in Paris and are these conspiracy theories indeed true, at least to some extent.

Many people believe that these so-called conspiracy theories surrounding the attack on Charlie Hebdo are indeed viable. Some are, as expected, bringing up the United States CIA as a party to the conspiracy, others Israel’s Mossad. Some even believe the two are in this together much like the coordinated attacks on a Jewish center in Mumbai. So like Mumbai, which had a series of 12 attacks, and over 100 people were killed, many believe this is just the beginning.

by Kristi Cereska

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