Citizens United Cancels Intelligent Votes

Citizens United Cancels Intelligent Votes


The Supreme Court of the United States upheld a decision in January 2010, which virtually nullified what our founding fathers referred to as the most important amendment to the Constitution; the right to vote. Why did it change the American election process so severely? Without boring you with every detail, the SCOTUS declared corporations were ‘people,’ and election contributions could be unlimited. Because the majority of voters cast their votes along party lines, or from increasing numbers of political ads, intelligent votes are being eliminated. Sadly, most people believe what they see and hear on television.

Chief Justice John Roberts has led the most politically biased Court in our nation’s history. Although the Supreme Court was intended to be the final impartial recourse for our check and balance system, it has become politicized, and is now no more than a tool for the party in control of Washington. Republicans lobbied heavily on the side of Citizens United, and although it made no sense to allow a business to be labeled a person, Roberts’ court upheld it.

The 2016 elections will be demonstrative of the immoral and illegal influence of money.

Do you believe that the one-percent should be allowed to buy elections and thereby insure that those elected would vote in a manner which would benefit only them? Does it appear democratic or fair that lobbyists and corporations should influence our Congressmen and Senators, and ignore the needs and wishes of the majority of Americans? Can our country regain a political system where our legislators actually represent the electorate?

The Koch Brothers; financiers of the TEA Party and the third and fourth wealthiest men in America; plan to spend $900 million to support extreme Republicans in 2016. They will attempt to purchase legislators and the White House.

Intelligent voters agree that this is a travesty for the American people. Their complaints fall on deaf ears.

There was a time in America when the purpose of an election was to secure political office for the most qualified candidate. In 2000 we witnessed an end to that premise.

The Koch brothers and others do not want ‘the best man or woman for the job.’ They want a puppet, and they will pull the strings.

Let’s look at some of TEA party cronies and understand what type of candidates the Koch brothers are allowed to support thanks to Citizens United. It’s a sad list, and includes Michelle Bachman, Jim DeMint, Allen West, Herman Cain, Mike Pence, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Lamar Smith, Mike Lee, and of course Sarah Palin. Each is an extremist and fails to support American values and principals. They are an elitist group who do not represent the majority of Americans or their views on the issues.

By its biased actions, the SCOTUS began the formation of an Oligarchy. It removed the word ‘democratic’ from our form of government.

Abraham Lincoln once said that no outside force, no other nation, could destroy the United States of America. If we are to be destroyed, it will be from within. Welcome to the beginnings of doomsday.

Commentary by James Turnage



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Photo Courtesy of Peter Stevens

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