Chris Brown Probation Revoked

Chris Brown Probation Revoked


After a recent incident involving a shooting at a night club in San Jose, Chris Brown’s probation has been revoked by a judge. The probation stemmed from the assault case involving the singer’s girlfriend at the time, Rihanna back in 2009. Although the judge on Thursday revoked probation, Brown remains free as the judge has ordered a hearing to be held in March to discuss the singer’s status at that time as well as to go over a report from probation officials.

In December, Brown was told by probation officials that he was not allowed to leave Los Angeles County without prior permission. On January 11, Brown performed at a night club in San Jose. Not only did the singer not receive permission to leave the county but there was also a shooting incident that occurred during his performance. The singer’s defense attorney told the judge that it was his office that incorrectly informed Brown that he did not need to receive permission before traveling to the show.

While the judge accepted the explanation given by Brown’s attorney he did say that he needed to revoke probation in an effort to keep a handle on the case at this time. There is also the fact that the singer still has 200 hours of community service to complete prior to the end of January. The judge indicated that it was actually expected that the original 1000 hours of community service had not been completed yet.

This latest appearance in court came after a shooting that left five people injured during a performance by the singer. Although there are no indications that the singer was in any way involved in the altercation, the judge is ordering probation officials to investigate further and make sure that there were no other issues revolving around the incident and Brown. A previous report from one of the probation officials, Carlos Delgado, states that the singer is showing poor judgement after he was present at a night club in Los Angeles last year at the same time as there was a shooting.

In the report the officer says that while the singer is able to show compliance with his probation for stretches at a time, it is his choices that are damaging to his ability to be successful in the long run with his probation. The officer even expressed concern about the safety of people at concerts where the singer is performing. Delgado indicated that there was worry that people attending performances might be seriously hurt or shot.

On Thursday Brown appeared in court with both his mother and current girlfriend when he received word that his probation had been revoked. In the courtroom the singer sat with his head down and his eyes closed prior to the start of the hearing. During the hearing the judge did acknowledge that Brown was making progress with his required hours of community service. Brown will have to appear in court on March 20 in order for the judge to make any recommendations in regards to probation based on requested reports from officials.

By Kimberley Spinney



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