Canned Food Will Defeat Assault Rifles?

Canned Food Will Defeat Assault Rifles?


This is an article which allows me to vent. I am so upset and even angry that our nation continually shows a lack of intelligence. We ignore the truth about a variety of subjects and propose solutions which mimic the Three Stooges. A nation that chooses to live in fear, and refuses to ‘do the right thing’ will eventually be destroyed by that fear. The atrocity at Sandy Hook Elementary School has never been properly addressed. Instead the gun lobby and gun ‘nuts’ have suggested solutions which would only make the situation more lethal. Believe it or not, some are suggesting that hurling canned foods at an intruder with an assault rifle will save lives and defeat the villain. And police, who themselves are ill-trained and unable to protect us, support the idea.

Valley, Alabama has a population of just over 9,500 residents. The faculty at W.F. Burns Middle School asked parents to attend an important meeting. The subject being discussed that evening was what should their children do if the school was invaded by an armed intruder. Approximately 100 parents were in attendance.

Law enforcement told them that the first rule was run and don’t stop; reasonable. The second was to barricade the classroom; logical. The third was to have each child bring canned goods to school; huh? That’s correct canned goods.

If there was no other alternative, the children would hurl the canned goods at the assailant. It’s part of a ‘run, hide, fight’ program. This may be the best affirmation that some sort of gun control in the United States is mandatory. Stupidity will only get our children killed in larger numbers if their school is attacked.

No one wants to remove the right to bear arms. But military type weapons are unnecessary, and if no one could purchase them, a deranged killer could not either. Sure, some say that they could be purchased illegally; and that’s true. That is when we expect our law enforcement agencies to do their jobs.

No one except for the military needs a weapon which can discharge 180 rounds per minute or three per second. And to even hypothesize that canned vegetables could stop a madman armed with an assault rifle, and wearing a bulletproof vest, is so idiotic I can’t find the words to explain the lack of intelligence of those who propose such an idea. Any student who would stand up and attempt to hurl a can at an attacker simply becomes the first target, and the spray from the weapon will injure or kill anyone near them.

If you don’t believe me, ask the kids themselves who play video games. They probably know more about these weapons of mass destruction than law enforcement.

The NRA is no more than a lobbyist for gun manufacturers and gun sellers. They pretend to support the rights of gun owners, when the reality is that they serve the wishes of the profiteers. The rights of individual citizens must be considered as well. Congress needs to show a minimal amount of courage and defend the right of all Americans to feel safer sending their children to school, or attending a movie at their local theater.

It’s time for honesty and common sense to replace emotional blackmail.

Commentary by James Turnage


Al Jazeera America


CNS News

Photo courtesy of Michael Dorausch

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  1. If you are going to write an article, at least educate yourself on the topic before doing so. You obviously do not know that ANY semi-automatic firearm (pistol, shotgun, rifle) can fire just as many rounds as your so called “military weapon”. Don’t be dumb. The scary looking black rifle you are so afraid off, is not a military assault rifle. Just a semi-automatic firearm like most in the country. Thanks for showing your ignorance. And you wonder why nobody takes your side seriously.

  2. Well, I’ll agree with the idea that canned food as a method of defense is stupid.

    Other than that, this commentary was a rambling anti-gun mess. We’ve got:

    * Erroneous statement about the NRA? Check. (“NRA is a lobbyist for the gun manufacturers and sellers” … nope. No matter how many times folks say this, it’s inaccurate.)

    * Misleading catchphrases? Check. (“spray bullets” “No one except for the military needs …” “weapons of mass destruction”)

    * Ignoring the fact that spree killers tend to stop when faced with armed resistance? Check.

    * Comment about people’s need to “feel safe” while promoting security theater (ban evil looking guns) that won’t make anyone actually safer? Check.

    Par for the course for anti-gun rants.