Budweiser ‘Lost Dog’ Commercial Already Viral on YouTube

Budweiser ‘Lost Dog’ Commercial Already Viral on YouTube [Video]


The Budweiser Lost Dog commercial that will be shown during Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday has already gone viral on YouTube, with more than 16 million people having viewed it. It is a sequel to the popular Budweiser commercial from last year’s Super Bowl, called Puppy Love, starring a young golden Labrador puppy and a Clydesdale horse. The commercial’s first appearing on YouTube is an example of companies advertising during the sporting event of wanting to get more bang for their buck.

Budweiser released the Lost Dog commercial only about a week ago, yet it has already become one of the hottest and most talked-about commercials of all time, before it has ever appeared during the Super Bowl. With the expense involved in creating ads for events like the Super Bowl and paying for the allotted time slots, more and more companies are beginning to take the approach of getting people to view the commercials before they ever are on the television, via YouTube. With 30-second spots going for $4.5 million, companies like Budweiser are creating campaigns for their campaigns.

The Clydesdale horses have long been a symbol of Budweiser beer and are still very effective advertising mascots for the beer company. They are prominent in the commercial Lost Dog, as well. Budweiser apparently now would like consumers of their product to associate man’s best friend with one of man’s favorite beverages, beer. Also, the yellow Lab in both the original commercial and in Lost Dog seems to be the best friend of the Clydesdale horses in the commercials.

In the commercial, which can be seen below, the golden Lab of the owner of many of the Clydesdale horse that Budweiser uses gets lost. The poor little dog tries to find his way back home, but first has an encounter with a coyote. The dog barks at the coyote, who is seemingly undaunted by the Lab’s show of bravery.

The Clydesdale horses back at the ranch hear their friend’s barking and come to his rescue. The horse have their little friend’s back. The coyote, knowing when the numbers are against him, takes off, and the owner of the ranch and the animals is stunned to look out the window of his house and see the Clydesdale horses and the golden Lab returning home from some adventure that they have had.

The music played during the Budweiser Lost Dog commercial is another effective way that the beer company succeeds in creating a commercial that is heartwarming as well as being a tool to sell their product. The song in the Budweiser commercial is I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), by the group Sleeping at Last.

The actor who plays the owner of the Clydesdale horses and the golden Lab in both commercials is Don Jeanes, 34. Jeanes, who grew up on a 1,000-acre ranch in Texas, stated in an interview that he definitely developed a connection with the dogs. He said he did not know of anyone “who doesn’t love a Labrador puppy.”

There were actually eight dogs involved in shooting the Budweiser commercial Lost Dog. Seven of the yellow Labs were females, and only one was a male. Jeanes stated that no one was allowed to interact with the dogs when they were on the set “because it can be distracting to them and they won’t do what they’re supposed to do.” He compared not being able to play with the cute puppies to seeing “a warm plate of chocolate chip cookies being passed around at a party and not being able to touch them.”

Despite the expensive costs of advertising during the Super Bowl, all of the 70 spots have been filled. There will be at least 17 first-time advertisers, such as Wix, a company that develops websites. Two other first-time advertisers will be Carnival and Valeant Pharmaceuticals, the company behind Jublia, the product that treats toenail fungus.

Budweiser already has a YouTube hit on the beer company’s hands with the commercial Lost Dog, featuring the Clydesdale horses and a golden Lab. The company has hopes the commercial will also do well when it is shown during Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, and will lead to more consumers purchasing Budweiser beer. The popularity of the commercial is an indication that social media sites like YouTube are becoming more relied upon by advertisers and that more and more companies will likely utilize such alternative ways to advertise their products in the future.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Budweiser Lost Dog Commercial/Courtesy of Budweiser and YouTube

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