Bruce Jenner Getting Series About His ‘Journey’

Bruce Jenner Getting Series About His ‘Journey’


Bruce Jenner is getting a series about his “journey,” according to TMZ. Just like his former step-daughters, the reality TV star’s show will be on E! There are many rumors circulating about the man at the moment, and it has led to the ex-wife Kris Jenner speaking out in his defense.

The docuseries will got through his alleged transition. It reportedly started in 2013 just after breaking up with Kim Kardashian’s manager/mother. A new report shows that he started taking estrogen, the female hormone, and he is now getting the series to document his journey to become a woman.

The 65-year-old will reportedly be a woman very soon, various reports states. The estrogen is currently helping him look more feminine, which has been noted by a number of media outlets. Just recently, she was spotted in Los Angeles and looked to have fuller lips than before. Many wonder whether this is part of the transition, or whether there is another reason behind his actions.

Shortly after Jenner’s split from his wife in 2013, he had surgery to remove his Adam’s apple. He also started painting his nails, shaved his leg hair and grew out the hair on his head. According to Us Weekly, his wife had held him back from becoming the woman he wanted to be and the divorce was the only way to do this. He had reportedly started plastic surgery treatments to start his transition when the two met in the 1990s.

Jenner is now reportedly getting a series about his “journey.” His former step-daughters are reportedly supportive of the move. Kim Kardashian said to Entertainment Tonight that he would eventually share his reasons for his change. It is possible that she was hinting to the idea of the docuseries, and that he will explain his thoughts and feelings throughout it.

Kardashian wants her former step-father to share the story. This is something that others will go through, and it is a story for Jenner to tell. However, the 34-year-old reality star did say that he would only tell the story when he was ready. She made it clear that he has her full support when he believes that the time is right. People are curious, but that should not be the reason for him to share.

So far, the information about the series is just from rumors. There is no confirmation from the reality TV personality that he will get this E! series. It would make sense for the show to air on E!, since that is the channel that Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs on. The channel often shows reality shows for its audience.

There are many questions surrounding the changes that Jenner is going through. However, he has not been open about them. This is a very private change, but Kardashian believes that he will eventually open up about it. She believes that it will help others who are going through major changes in their lives. If Jenner is getting the new series about his “journey,” it could be the perfect way to open up about everything.

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