Boehner Bypasses Protocol and Makes a Fool of Himself, Again

Boehner Bypasses Protocol and Makes a Fool of Himself, Again


John Boehner is not a leader, he is a lost follower. He does not represent the United States of America in any manner; he is merely an employee of the people. Boehner has invited Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress, bypassing the President and his entire Administration. Shouldn’t Boehner think about doing his job once during his career? His only function is to insure important legislation is passed, and he hasn’t accomplished that duty once.

Boehner may be the most useless member of Congress in our history and the least dedicated to the people he is expected to serve. The failures of the 112th and 113th Congress lie squarely on his shoulders, and the beginning of the 114th does not signify a change.

The invitation is a slap in the face to President Obama and a sign of disrespect to the Palestinian people.

The President and Netanyahu are at odds over negotiations between the United States and Iran regarding a nuclear agreement. Boehner’s invitation undermines efforts by the White House to negotiate with both Israel’s leader and Iran. He once again displays his ignorance. He has no knowledge of foreign relations; he needs to become educated about the purpose and duties of the Speaker of the House.

Other than the United States, most major nations are beginning to show support for a Palestinian State. Boehner is inserting his personal feelings into an international issue by displaying preference towards Israel.

Boehner is misguided; he obviously believes that he has the right and power to issue executive orders. Sorry Mr. Speaker, you have no power unless it is given to you by the American people.

Appearances by heads of state from any nation are intended to be under the auspices of the State Department. Instead the two misnamed leaders of the Republican Party contacted Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to the U.S., and invited the Prime Minister.

Boehner offered no apology to the President. He spoke of his concerns about America’s enemies in the world, and the danger Iran poses with its intentions to acquire nuclear power.

Israel and the United States have maintained a close relationship since 1948 when it became a State, recognized by the United Nations. That special relationship may see changes in the near future. Two issues will likely place a wedge into the alliance.

Israel has been referred to as a ‘land grabbing’ nation. New settlements continue to be constructed in the Middle East, and although the United States is unlikely to support Palestinian Statehood, it is likely to join with the rest of the world and condemn Israel’s continued growth.

Israel and Iran are enemies. Netanyahu opposes any negotiations with Iran.

Israel’s very existence is dependent upon the support of the United States. Without foreign aid and the sale of military weapons to Israel, they would become and isolated nation.

The Republican Party has become power mad only weeks after they took power in Congress. Their displeasure with the President’s State of the Union Speech is understandable. They oppose legislation which would positively affect the middle class. The party of the rich is unlikely to act upon any of the President’s ideas.

Mr. Obama was aware of the Republican response before the speech, so why did he offer the proposals? In street terms, ‘he called them out.’ His purpose was to focus on the fact that the GOP supports the one-percent; the very few over the many.

Boehner may be the Republican Party’s biggest mistake. Congress needs an intelligent, hard-working leader; and that is not John Boehner.

Commentary by James Turnage



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