Boehner and McConnell on ’60 Minutes’

Boehner and McConnell on ’60 Minutes’


This will be an editorial expressing my opinions and observations of the two primary ‘leaders’ of the Republican Party. They appeared together on the CBS News Show ’60 Minutes’ Sunday evening. I have never witnessed more lies by a politician in my 55 years of following politics. The failure of these two men are why Congress has deserted the majority of American citizens.

The self-proclaimed leaders of the GOP attempted to blame the failure of the 112th and 113th Congress on Democrats. The facts are in their actions and the recorded comments by McConnell who promised that the Senate and House would do nothing with the exception of insuring that the President served only a single term. That wasn’t his only failure.

Their joint appearance on ’60 Minutes’ was an obvious effort to convince the working class that Republicans do not solely represent the wealthy. They failed.

The interview began with Scott Pelley asking McConnell what he thought of the President’s State of the Union speech last Tuesday evening. He replied with two ludicrous statements. He first stated that the President appeared to be running for a third term; then he said that Mr. Obama was ignoring the results of the 2014 midterm election. McConnell was obviously suggesting that the President should allow Republicans to have everything their way now that they have the majority in both Houses. I hate to give the Senate Majority Leader a lesson in government, but it doesn’t work that way. Mr. Obama will not cease his efforts to improve the lifestyle of the working class.

The next questions were about the economy. Although both men agreed that it has improved, they actually had the nerve to blame Mr. Obama for the increase in income equality. When they were asked if there would be a tax increase for the one-percent, Boehner answered vehemently, ‘no.’ Both men failed to admit that the true reason for the disparity is increased corporate profits fueled by lower wages and fewer benefits for their employees. In addition, outsourcing has removed many of the nation’s better paying jobs from our shores.

Boehner also talked around the immigration issue. A reasonable bill had been passed by the Senate, but the Speaker refused to allow the House to vote on it.

Both men are also opposed to the President’s proposal to offer free community college education for two years. Their only comment was that it would increase the national debt. Republicans do not believe that education is important for our nation’s future.

They also oppose an increase in the minimum wage. Here is where it became both comical and also revealed how out of touch Republicans are with the working class.

Boehner went on and on talking about what jobs he had when he was young; yadda, yadda, yadda. Both men failed to recognize the fact that a large percentage of minimum wage jobs are performed by individuals who are unable to support their families on poverty level wages. The result of thousands of good jobs moving to other countries forced many to accept jobs for which they were over-qualified. These two men continue to live in the 1950’s.

They both talked around other issues such as tax credits for child care, and an increase in the gasoline tax to fund necessary infrastructure projects.

A lot of time was spent on the threat of Iran’s nuclear capabilities, ISIS, and Boehner’s snub to the President, bypassing him and inviting Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress. They all but bluntly stated that they did not believe in diplomacy; boots on the ground are necessary in Northern Iraq to fight ISIS; and Boehner said he gave the President notice about the invitation to Netanyahu the morning before he made the call. How thoughtful of him.

Although Boehner was responsible for blocking multiple votes in the House, he lied and said that the Senate, controlled by Democrats the last four years, was the culprit for the low numbers of passed legislation.

Finally Pelley asked about the division in the Republican Party between the GOP and the TEA Party; and whether or not they believed in eliminating the division in our nation by political parties.

Boehner denied that there was a division within the Republican ranks. They again spoke around the subject of the split in our nation’s ideologies; stating that ‘we all love our country.’

This may have been the biggest smoke screen in our nation’s history. These two men are supposed to be leaders, instead they continue to be obstructionists and blame everyone else for their failures.

The President has a 46 percent approval rating at present; Congress’ is 15 percent.

Editorial by James Turnage

Source: CBS News

Photo courtesy of Caleb Smith

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  1. The American voters are “stupid” , as said above… After Bush… they vote for a guy who had no managerial experience running anything… after 4 horrible years as a non-leader… they double down and vote for him again…. and they wonder why we are still in this mess. 2016 will be different. we wont be fooled by Hillary.

  2. This article’s bias is greater than any supposed lies these two said. Sure Boehner sucks as a leader, but so does Obama. This article is simply shifting the blame from both of them to only one of them.