War Criminal vs Terrorists

War Criminal vs Terrorists


Commentary by James Turnage

First and foremost, our government protects its own. The revelation of the CIA torture report this week exposed the dwindling morality of our government. Not only did it prove that our security agencies used torture to attempt extraction of information, it also confirmed the long-known fact that it doesn’t work. Enough pain will force anyone to tell you what you want to hear, whether it is the truth or not. The report also confirmed what we have known for years; Bush and Cheney are war criminals, but will never be prosecuted. Cheney’s continual criticism of the report and defense of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ is simply a failed and pitiful effort to derail the truth. According to Cheney, the dialogue becomes a ‘he said, she said,’ or more accurately a war criminal vs terrorists. For Cheney, war was good business.

The American government is good at waging war, but lacking in its ability to win one. Maybe it’s the old proverb that ‘one must choose his battles wisely.’ Our leaders have made multiple bad choices, and the result has been thousands of deaths, and the destruction of our economy. The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were not only illegal and immoral, they were fool hardy. A lack of knowledge pertaining to international relations, and the false belief that everyone wants a democratic rule, resulted in a failed attempt by a failing administration to mold the world into its own vision.war

Fact: Republican administrations will find a way to lead our nation into war. Fact: Our nation spends more money on the defense budget than any other country in the world by a huge percentage. Fact: Our leaders succeed in choosing wars we cannot win.

Former vice-president Dick Cheney was on ‘Meet the Press’ Sunday. He was un-apologetic about his complicity in approving the use of torture. He claimed he would ‘do it again’ if he had the opportunity. His only defense was to use the example of a father in one of the World Trade Center towers who made a last call to his children after an airplane had struck the building. He repeated the line used by himself and Bush hundreds of times as they defended multiple offenses of illegal actions; ‘it was because of 9/11.’

One of the most treacherous acts in history was committed on September 11, 2001; there is no question about this fact. However, a cowardly act such as this un-warranted attack cannot result in the destruction of American principles and values. Such an action lowers our nation to the level of these inhumane terrorists.

Cheney was relentless in his defense of the deplorable actions of our government. He stated that terrorists are not covered by the Geneva Convention because they are ‘unlawful combatants.’ My question is ‘what about suspected terrorists?’ Does compliance with what he believes to be the meaning of the Geneva Convention justify immoral action by our nation under the auspices of its leaders?

Cheney has several serious problems. Besides being the Son of Lucifer, he is an arrogant, self-serving, and maniacal despot. The move away from our country being an empathetic and supportive nation for human rights and equality began with the election in 2000. Thanks to Cheney and his puppet Bush, the United States will never regain its worldwide respect as a nation of good vs evil.

We must also place blame on the inventor of the pacemaker; without it we would not have to deal with Cheney in any form.

By James Turnage



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