Underpaid Workers Walkout

Underpaid Workers Walkout


Thursday fast food workers across the United States protested what they believe is a situation of underpayment for their services. Some walked off their jobs in nearly 200 cities. They marched against McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s, and others, as well as inside some of the nation’s largest airports.

They are demanding a wage they deem ‘livable,’ at $15 an hour. The minimum wage has not been raised since 2009; the result is that for these workers, their pay has decreased over the period, factoring in cost of living increases.

In some cities, they are being joined by gas station attendants, home care workers, and airport attendants.

Many of the employees marching today are single parents. A raise in pay and receiving benefits would allow them to work a single job and have time with their families.

The fast food industry has seen an increase in both gross and net profits for five years, while their employee’s income has moved in the other direction. It’s a corporate thing. All over the country corporations continue to see record profits at the expense of those who they employ.

In this case the fast food industry is attempting to do something about.

By James Turnage


Al Jazeera America

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