Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter Meet Up for Friendly Outing With...

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter Meet Up for Friendly Outing With Kids


Tim Burton and estranged partner Helena Bonham Carter have been seemingly confirming reports that their split was nothing less than amicable, and met up this past Saturday for an afternoon out with their two children. The pair was seen leaving a north London restaurant before braving the cold to walk back to the family home.

The pair’s united front during their aforementioned day out appears to show that Carter’s representative was not attempting to pull any kind of PR stunt regarding their recent statement that she and her former partner were doing just fine as friends and as co-parents following their breakup. Said representative was insistent that the pair’s main goal was raising their children together, regardless of whether or not their relationship was still in tact in terms of them still being an actual couple. Based on the look of their recent outing, however, it appears that this statement regarding Burton and Carter rings true (at least so far.)

News of the longtime couple’s breakup hit the internet last week, much to the shock of both Hollywood and diehard fans of the couple’s work and relationship. Their separation was somewhat unexpected it seemed, given that they had been together for 13 years with little to no rifts, at least not ones that broke out into the public eye. There was one instance back in 2013 where rumors began to fly surrounding Burton’s alleged infidelity, but said representative was quick to squash that speculation and say that such things were flat-out untrue, and that the couple was doing just fine. Their relationship is said to have been called quits earlier this year, although the couple waited until just recently to announce their split to the public. The reason behind their decision to go their separate ways is yet unknown, and they are both reportedly asking for respect and privacy in their time of adjustment.

Burton met Carter on the set of the 2001 blockbuster Planet of the Apes (also featuring Mark Wahlberg and Eli Roth), where the actress was cast as the main female lead in the movie. They hit it off instantly during filming, and began an intimate relationship forthwith. He went on to cast her in several of his projects, the most significant of these being Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Alice in Wonderland (the 2010 remake alongside fellow Burton sidekick Johnny Depp), and Corpse Bride. In fact, all three of the aforementioned Burton blockbusters featured Carter and Depp side-by-side, as well a few other favorites of the director including Alan Rickman and Timothy Spall. The aforementioned trend of Burton-cast actors garnered the 56-year-old some rather negative attention, in that fans and moviegoers began to speculate that the director was only casting these people on a regular basis because they were in his inner circle, and viewed this as slightly unprofessional to say the least.

It remains to be seen whether or not the split between Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter will remain as amicable as it has been over the past little while. For now, however, the two seem to be keeping their promise to put the children first and remain as friendly with each other as they possibly can.

By Rebecca Grace

NY Daily News
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