Sexual Assault is on the Rise: It’s Time to take it Seriously

Sexual Assault is on the Rise: It’s Time to take it Seriously


Sexual assault, domestic violence and sexual harassment have not been addressed as seriously as they should be in America. Our laws protect the villains and hamper our court system to enact punishment equivalent to the criminal action of those who attack defenseless victims. Some deny facts; that has become the American way. The truth is that sexual assault is on the rise, especially on the campuses of our universities and our military, and it’s time to take serious action.

The Ray Rice incident began a more extensive investigation into domestic violence. Exposes of other incidences of sexual assault became an additional focus for a short period of time in our universities and the military. The NFL and others have not addressed the problem sufficiently, and once again abuse of women has left the focus of mainstream media.

Women and children are the recipients of over 30,000 deaths or serious injuries each year in the United States. With few exceptions they are the result of an attack by someone with whom they have familiarity. Estranged spouses, lovers and family members comprise the majority of these individuals. Domestic violence and sexual assault are a dirty secret in our nation.

Our nation’s laws are inadequate as a deterrent for the prevention of crimes against women. Only 60 years ago domestic violence was ignored and not considered a crime. Our country lacks a progressive attitude in its actions to be serious about those who commit these attacks and how they should be punished within the legal system.

A clear example of how frivolous the law considers domestic abuse and sexual assault is demonstrated by a recent court decision regarding Harvard Law School. The federal government asserted that the University favored the plaintiffs in two sexual assault accusations. Title IX rules were invoked claiming that the university did not provide a “prompt and equitable response” to the accusations. This summer Harvard adopted a policy of requiring a ‘preponderance of evidence’ in accusations of sexual assault.

Investigations into multiple investigations of how accusations of sexual assault are administered will continue by the Department of Education. However, it is obvious that the more prestigious universities are making attempts to conceal the rising number of sexual assault allegations at their institutions with tactics of delays and a conclusion of innocende without undeniable proof.

Harvard claims that it has been forthcoming in its efforts to resolve accusations of sexual assault and harassment. The facts reveal that decisions frequently extend to periods of over one year.

Women’s rights groups have applauded the decisions made against Harvard University Law School. They believe that the decisions will force other universities to invoke policies which will be more expeditious and forthcoming concerning the increasing number of accusations of sexual assault.sexual

It is a bit disconcerting that the security and rights of women in the United States continues to be less of a priority than someone who spills a hot cup of coffee fully knowledgeable that it could be damaging and receives a monetary settlement.

The time has come to protect victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Changes in the laws of state and federal governments must make the punishment fit the crime. The long lasting results of abuse against women and children is immeasurable. Psychological damage results in conditions which cannot be measured by statistics.

Our nation and the media which reports crime and atrocity in the United States is quick to report the sensational events which satisfy advertisers. We need to be a better country and expose the most serious and numerous crimes committed every day in a nation which claims the title of ‘greatness.’

By James Turnage



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  1. Nice piece, thanks for writing it. A minor note re your comparison to those suing over hot coffee: read those cases and you will discover that the patrons were getting 100 degree plus coffee in to go cups, sustained severe burns, and the establishment had been alerted to the extreme temperature. It was kept at hot temperatures to avoid making new stuff. Again, a minor note in a very important piece but important because it prolongs an incorrect stereotype. Thanks for your voice in support of women!!

  2. I disagree, the mere accusation of sexual assault is one that will turn the accused life upside down. All it takes is one cry of rape, when the un-bias story reads, Two intoxicated people end up in bed together, one wakes up and regrets the choices made the night before. The cry of assault begins while the other is still waking up hung over.

    I feel for the people that are truly assaulted, I am more caution of people just making poor choices that muddy the waters. A ‘preponderance of evidence’ is a good policy. Prove to the authorities that you didn’t just make a bad choice while intoxicated. Limit drinking so you can be in control, and fight. Signs of a struggle will go a long way as evidence. Wouldn’t you rather be beat then raped ? I guess both could happen, but then that’s a bad person, they need to be arrested, and there is lot of supporting evidence for a conviction.

    • Brain, perhaps the truth of your statement like many commericals also; is that alcohol and relationships are the success story of “hooking up”. But the new message is that “CONSENT” should be off the table once the alcohol is involved, unless the individuals involved are already in a consenting relationship.

    • Brian, can we put the myth of a consequence free one night drunken stand to bed so to speak? You act like it’s your God given right as a man to be stupid and risky such that you’d rather change the burden of proof in rape cases, than exercise a little caution. Maybe you should realize that you are actually taking many risks when you jump into bed drunk with a stranger….like the risk of getting a nasty STD, the flu, Ebola, robbed, an unwanted pregnancy, her angry boyfriend who now wants to kill you….I could go on…but if you think a false rape claim is the only thing that can turn your life upside down after a drunken hook up, then wake up. There is a simple way for men to avoid their rampant hysteria over the scenario of a female they just had a one night stand with claiming they were raped: get to know her first. If she’s unstable and crazy, this will usually be revealed in the cold light of day over a cup of coffee. Ask around about her. And finally, realize that you are most likely 2 to 3 times bigger than she is and if she only consented to oral sex, you can’t make her have intercourse. If she only consented to intercourse, you can’t make her have anal sex. If she only consented to intercourse 1 time, you can’t make her have sex 4 times. If you follow these simple obvious steps, you will likely avoid ever being accused of rape. But if you are unable when you are drunk to listen to and respect a woman or think just because she consented to being alone with you that you can so whatever you want to her since she’s drunk and you are bigger and can physically force her to do so, then you deserve to have your life turned upside down for being stupid and a prick.

      • Whoa, Crazy “Person”, calm down. You might be the type of person we all need to watch out for.

        My statement was written asexually, you’ve obviously don’t believe that men can be raped.

        My point along with the 1st commenter is that your choice while drunk might not be the same choice to remember making while intoxicated. Two intoxicated parties can not consent, When you have two not consenting parting taking part in a mutual action then who is at fault ? … Nobody. Education might be the only solution. To really get the word out that nobody can consent while intoxicated.

        From the sounds of your rant you’ve been apart of some of these intoxicated choices. And I’m sorry if you woke up regretting what you couldn’t consent to but still engaged in. There is blame to be left at your feet, as You were one that drank too much, To the point where you legally can’t make a choice. From the other point of view, they were probably in the same boat. When both parties are in the wrong. Then either both should be punished or both should be let go.

        Again I want to draw a clear line between forced (real) rape, and the oh no what did I do last night rape. I feel deeply for anyone who has been physically sexually assaulted. We as a society need to have a solid dividing line between the two, because one is real and the other is a bad choice.

        • Brian, I’m an attorney. You are not correct. Voluntary intoxication is not a defense to any crime. Nor does the law require sobriety on behalf of a victim as some kind of prerequisite to finding a crime was committed. This is the law…even if you are on a college campus. The “oh no what did I do last night” false rape claims you imagine just don’t have the numbers to justify your overwhelming concern (pathological fear) about it…or your refusal to even consider that rape can still absolutely happen in a drunken hook-up. Being intoxicated is not some kind of magic blank check for you to do whatever you want to another person. But hey if that’s what you want to think, keep it up…I’m sure it will all work out great for you.

  3. What a piece of garbage article written by i am guessing a feminist uninformed clown. Do you even have a concept of how Domestic Violence Law works in The U.S.? Probably not, its severe, often punishing people without proof. Persons merely charged with domestic violence which can be something as simple as a couple of two roommates yelling at each other have been denied government jobs, right to buy weapons as well as unlimited host of social penalties. Lets be clear, before the liberal educational failures arrive here to imply that I hate women and children, domestic violence and sexual assault are not acceptable and already illegal as well as in violation of Harvard Student Policy. Another words, the author of this article fails to grasp that he is beating an old, long since dead horse to death. I mean short of depriving people of due process what else do you want the University or the Government to do? A mere accusation of Domestic violence and Sexual assault creates an automatic no contact order between the alleged perpetrator and the victim, which more often than not leads the criminal system to create barriers between people than never intended to inflict violence or in other ways assault one another, its guilty until proven innocent. The damage both in terms of legal costs is difficult to measure. The author cites numbers, 30,000 cases as oppose to what? What were the numbers before? Has anyone compared the definitions for various things that qualify as sexual assaults or domestic violence today as oppose to years back? The graphics are beautiful, a crying woman and a man who appears to inflict violence on another woman. No bias at all. Did you know that a significant amount of women get arrested as perpetrators of domestic violence? Probably not, that would require actual research. As for Harvard role in sexual assault, why do they have one at all? Harvard is not a legal body, its a school. The fact that Harvard adopted a policy of requiring a ‘preponderance of evidence’ in accusations of sexual assault is absurd because as the hypocrite writer noticed, sexual assault is a serious accusation, requiring 51% to determine culpability doesn’t sound like it leaves much room for the values expressed in the American legal system (beyond a reasonable doubt). What about double Jeopardy, the criminally accused could in fact be tried and punished twice first by the university and then by the local authority which in fact have laws written by the elected legislators to deal with these issues. An innocent person could be placed twice in jeopardy. Not to mention that a theoretical accused would have a difficult time defending themselves in a way that is afforded by the constitution such as the right to remain silent, because any statements that a person makes in a mock Harvard hearing could be used against them criminally, you know all that stuff cops tell you right after they pull out the hand cuffs. So, lets suspend our state and federal constitution and allow feminist propagandists to legislate through the student body? blah, would a pathetic article.

  4. “Sexual assault is on the rise”

    Please cite the source for this stat, ad I could not verify it. In fact, according to, sexual assaults fell 64% from 1995 to 2005, then leveled off through 2010. You must have some more recent data, so please share it.

    You also say 30,000 women “receive” death or injuries every year. Well, you don’t receive death. And I guarantee a lot more than 30000 women die or are seriously injured every year.

    This article was linked to by a Google News, even though it is obviously NOT written by a professional journalist.. Therefore, you are likely to get folks who think your completely undocumented opinion piece is “news.” So you need to be much more careful about what you write. At least have someone else preview your posts before you post them. Shame on you.

  5. Actually, sexual assault rates are down by more than 50% since 1994, at least as of 2010. Just google “Female Victims of Sexual Violence, 1994-2010 – Bureau of Justice Statistics.” And crime rates in general continued to dectease during the recession, unexpectedly, and IIRC sexual assault rates were either flat or most likely down as well during that time.

    So while there’s plenty of room to improve things, the perception that there’s a spike in assaults or decades-long unrelenting epidemic is wrong.

    But that misperception sure does get people to click on stuff.

  6. Lost all respect for your position when you invoked the McDonalds hot coffee case with no knowledge of what was going on there. Seriously, go read up, there were a number of factors in play there –

    Beyond that, shouldn’t the real concern with Harvard/other colleges be that those colleges are at all adjudicating sex crimes? What’s next, frat hazing deaths go to some council? It’s ridiculous and demeaning to victims that actual crimes aren’t going to an actual judge.

  7. “Some deny facts” and some make claims like “The truth is that sexual assault is on the rise” without quoting or referencing any facts that prove the claim but preface the completely unsubstantiated claim with “some deny the facts” to deflect the unsubstantiated claim. This would be brilliant if it weren’t so painfully obvious, So, got any facts?

  8. The persistent use of euphemisms like “villains” as well as “estranged spouses, lovers and family members” in this article fails to acknowledge the unpleasant truth we must all acknowledge before we can really address this issue: These crimes are all committed by MEN. The “villains” are MEN. You correctly identify that it’s “women and children” who are the victims. But the most important step is recognizing, exposing and analyzing why MEN rape, abuse and kill women, children and other men in such alarming numbers. “Campus sexual assault” and “domestic violence” are also euphemisms…as if this kind of rape, assault and murder is not quite as bad as any other kind because we might know those MEN but did not know the MEN who are strangers. All kinds are committed by MEN. Rape is committed by MEN…against, women, children and even other men. The entire world continues to have, and always has had a serious problem: MEN who cannot control their proclivity to dominate by hurting, raping, and killing women, children and other men. We must stop using euphemisms that underscore: (1) the fact that the victims are predominantly women and children; and (2) that it is MEN who overwhelmingly commit these acts of violence and domination wherever they occur, be it in a dark alley, on a battlefield, in a campus dorm room, or inside a home.