Once Upon a Time Welcomes New Villains While Hook Seeks Revenge

Once Upon a Time Welcomes New Villains While Hook Seeks Revenge


The creators of Once Upon a Time introduced three new villains during the mid-season finale and the viewers are anxious to see what will happen when the show returns on Mar. 1. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis answered some questions about the second half of season 4 and according to what they revealed, it will be another hard battle for the Storybrooke residents.

During the winter finale, the viewers saw Cruella de Vil, Ursula and Maleficent, who formed the Queens of Darkness. For once, they wanted to get their way, because they were tired of losing to the heroes. The three women wanted to get their hands on a magical glove that belonged to Camelot, but because it was in Rumplestiltskin’s possession, they decided to kidnap Belle. After they were threatening her life, the trio succeeded, but Rumpelstiltskin successfully tricked them.

After Belle found out the truth about Rumple, she exiled him from Storybrooke and he went to New York, where he visited Ursula. Queens of Darkness came from the Enchanted Forest with the last curse, but they are in New York and not in Storybrooke. So, Rumpel obviously has a plan in motion, since he reached out to Ursula in order to reunite the Queens of Darkness and to take over Storybrooke. Horowitz and Kitsis revealed that Pongo should be quite worried when Cruella’s Panther De Ville will roll into town. According to the creators of the show, the Cruella in Once Upon a Time will be far more dangerous than the past versions of this character, since she actually possesses magic. Horowitz and Kitsis said that Cruella’s magic is a very dark one and it deals with animals.

Furthermore, Will Scarlet will finally have a bigger role in the story-line and his life might be in danger if he crosses paths with Maleficent, since he stole her magic looking glass in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. The viewers are probably eager to know what happened to his love Anastasia, since Will appeared in Once Upon a Time without her. Will’s upcoming story will most likely include an answer to that question.

Also, Horowitz and Kitsis revealed that before the end of season 4, the mysterious Sorcerer’s identity will be revealed, however, they did not say if the Sorcerer is also the Author that Regina is searching for. The creators also said that during the second half of the season 4, the viewers will find out what happened to those, who got sucked into the Sorcerer’s hat. Furthermore, Rumple will get a chance to redeem himself, despite the fact that he tried to use the hat to trap Emma. When Kitsis was asked if RumBelle fans can still have hope for the couple’s happy ending, he hinted that the Dark One will eventually see the light.

After Rumple used Hook in order to free himself from the dagger, Hook will now be hungry for revenge on Rumple. Despite the fact that Kitsis did not want to reveal if Hook has a past with Ursula, several reports are hinting at a relationship with her. It was confirmed that new flashbacks will explore more of Hook’s past and this way, the viewers will get their answers. Furthermore, Snow and Charming also have a history with the Queens of Darkness and that it will come back to haunt them.

According to Horowitz and Kitsis, the Swan Queen fans will get to see more interaction between Regina and Emma, since their relationship will continue to grow when the season 4 returns. The creators confirmed that Pinocchio will appear and Horowitz said that there is also a possibility that Elsa and Anna will return in the future. However, Kitsis added that Henry will not be learning magic.

Given everything that Horowitz and Kitsis revealed, the second half of season 4 will have much going on. Once Upon a Time returns on Sunday, Mar. 1 on ABC at 8 p.m. EST.

By: Janette Verdnik

International Business Times
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