Kaley Cuoco Says She Is Not a Feminist and Wants to Serve...

Kaley Cuoco Says She Is Not a Feminist and Wants to Serve Her Husband


Kaley Cuoco does not have anything against feminists, and she acknowledges “the work that paved the way for women,” but she added that “I’ve never really faced inequality.” Even though many women who have the same types of jobs that some men have still get paid a lower salary than men, The Big Bang Theory actress did grow up in a world where much of the pioneering work in feminism had already been done and she might not have directly experienced much, if any, discrimination based on her gender.

Because of the work that other women have already done, Kaley, 29, stated that “Things are different now,” in an interview that will appear in the February issue of Redbook magazine, which E! Online previewed. Kaley stated that she likes to be old-fashioned, in some respects, including serving her husband supper “five nights a week” when she can. Kaley got married to her husband, Ryan Sweeting, last year on New Year’s Eve, and their first anniversary is this Wednesday.

Kaley Cuoco told Redbook that she loves serving her husband meals, because she feels “more like a housewife.” Unlike some women who still face inequality at the work place, Kaley’s $1 million-dollar-per-episode contract she signed makes her feel in control at work. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why she stated that she likes “coming home and serving him,” referring to her husband. Also, Kaley said that she thinks her mom’s influence “kind of rubbed off,” on her.

Of course, having a husband, like Kaley Cuoco has, who treats women with respect and cares for them likely is another big reason why Kaley enjoys doing nice things for Ryan. He was there for her, when she underwent sinus surgery on December 26, and he was the first person she saw when she woke up after the anesthetic wore off. In an Instagram post following the surgical procedure, Cuoco called Ryan an “angel.”

Kaley Cuoco also likes the feeling of being able to take care of her parents, and knowing she can afford to give that whatever they might want or need now. She feels grateful to them for raising her and providing her with a loving family, and tirelessly taking her to auditions for 16 years and helping her learn her lines for parts she was trying out for, and offering her support when she did not get certain parts. She is a naturally giving sort of person, and is grateful for the chance to show the people closest to her in her life, like her parents and her husband, that she loves them.

While actress Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny on The Big Bang Theory, has admitted that she is not a feminist, herself, she is not at all against feminism and she appreciates the struggles and work of the women who cam before her. Perhaps if Kaley had a husband who was not as willing to be there for her in her time of need and serve her, as well as love her, and instead had a husband who took her for granted, she might not like the idea of serving him as much as she says she does. However, she and Ryan Sweeting seem to be very much in love. To Kaley, serving him supper five times a week is one of the ways she likes to express her love for him.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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