Jeb Bush Faces Chris Christie at Top of Republican Heap

Jeb Bush Faces Chris Christie at Top of Republican Heap


Jeb Bush has been making headlines in recent weeks with hints that he is considering a run for the 2016 presidency, vying against a diverse crowd of major Republican contenders and coming out on top of the heap to face New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Jeb Bush holds a clear lead for the moment with Christie coming in second place in the polls, by several percentage points. The nomination is far from sealed for any of the current field of potential candidates who are considering a presidential campaign at this time. However, Jeb Bush’s prospects of a successful bid are already rising as many are interpreting his recent resignations to be a sign that he is preparing to make a run for the third Bush presidency in under 30 years.

While Gov. Christie’s numbers remained stable in the CNN poll that conducted live phone interviews with 1,011 adults around the country between Dec.18 to Dec. 21. The sample population consisted of 453 Republicans and 469 Democrats. Results showed that were the election held today, Jeb Bush would take the party’s nomination although possibly fail to garner enough votes to defeat potential Democratic challenger, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Of the Republicans who participated in the nationwide survey, 23 percent would choose Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, as their top candidate with 13 percent going with Chris Christie. Renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson trails the frontrunners at 7 percent with Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee at the bottom of the heap. There is no shortage of candidates in this face off, but Matt Bennett, a consultant for the Democrats points out that the tides of public opinion are fickle at this stage of the election game as the frontrunner can change several times within the election cycle.

Nonetheless, none of the candidates have yet announced definite plans to stage a bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Jeb Bush has made the strongest commitment to date in announcing to his Facebook followers that he is “actively exploring” the possibility of pursuing the Republican nomination. On the other hand, although his current polls show that he is up from the 9 percent voter share in November, Gov. Christie has been upfront about his intention to take his time in considering whether to throw his hat in the ring. He reinforced this position during a recent trade mission to Canada stating that he will not decide until later in 2015.

Furthermore, the poll shows that Hillary Clinton holds firm sway as the top Democratic candidate to beat. Two-thirds of the Democrats polled coming down in her favor, giving her a whopping 55 percent lead over Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.The overall survey results also indicate that she would easily defeat both Jeb Bush and Chris Christie if either faced her in an election today. However, a Bush-Clinton race would eliminate the advantage of name recognition for both parties. Bennett expresses respect for Mr. Bush’s ability to leverage his resources and intelligence to stage a credible campaign. Nonetheless, he reiterates that a presidential campaign is no walk in the park and how Jeb Bush handles the challenges thrown his way over the next two years will define the strength of his candidacy in the court of public opinion. This tells both Republicans and Jeb Bush that they have their work cut out for them if they are to rise from the heap and stage a successful challenge to reclaim the White House from Democratic control in the 2016 elections.

by Tamara Christine Van Hooser


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    I took a chance of publishing this extract article from Conservative HQ, As it has serious connotations for the future of the 91 Million Americans seeking work or underemployed concerning that my suspicion may be accurate that stealthily the Republican Establishment are lying about blocking King Obama’s illegal executive directive amnesty.

    Recently, a friend Matt Boyle of Breitbart asked Conservative HQ what we thought the prospects are for the new Congress actually taking up the fight against Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty. We will share our answer, but first a little background.

    We have noted ever since Speaker Boehner and soon-to-be-former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid cut a deal to pass the 1.1 Trillion CRomnibus, and continue funding the federal government at or above Obama levels for the nine month of this fiscal year, that we were skeptical that the new Republican congressional leaders would actually fight, let alone stop, Obama’s unconstitutional attempt to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

    John McCain, Senator of Arizona as the longtime Republican senator lays the groundwork for a likely 2016 reelection bid, his political team is engaging in an antagonistic and methodical campaign to reshape the state GOP apparatus by ridding conservative firebrands, containing a Tea Party leadership and replacing them with persistent allies. Of course this happening in Arizona, but should we be suspecting that behind closed doors that the GOP is ready to support an all out war against the ONLY chance the Average American has to block the hundred billion dollar illegal alien amnesty.

    One must also wonder is a day of reckoning coming for House Speaker John Boehner for its known that very powerful people behind the scenes are demoralized by him. Trey Gowdy a very controversial lawmaker has his eye on the leadership of the house, thus removing the cowardly current direction. Sean Hannity of Fox News reputation in an email told Breitbart News.

    “The American people need bold inspiring solutions to reverse the damaging policies of the President and his party. This is not a time for half measures. It’s time for new dynamic leadership in the House of Representatives. Trey Gowdy is my choice for speaker. He has the ability to articulate and implement the changes needed to get the country on the right path. Gowdy has a plan to balance the budget, secure the borders, push for energy independence and replace Obamacare with personal healthcare savings accounts. John Boehner has snubbed and ignored conservatives for too long, as evidenced by the recent cromnibus budget deal he made with Obama, Reid and Hoyer. It’s time that he steps aside for the good of country and the conservative movement.”

    As we observed yesterday in our article “Sen. Johnson Provides Evidence Capitol Hill GOP Leaders are OK with Obama’s Amnesty” there’s plenty of evidence that the GOP establishment has no intention of fighting, let alone stopping, Obama’s amnesty.

    Revealingly left unsaid was what was in the Capitol Hill Republican half of the bargain, but Senator Johnson nowhere mentioned stopping or rolling back Obama’s unconstitutional attempt to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

    Conservative Review’s senior editor Daniel Horowitz has also been reading the trail signs and is skeptical that the new Capitol Hill Republican leadership have any commitment to fighting, let alone stopping, Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty for illegal aliens.

    In his article “5 Reasons We Can’t Wait to Fight Obama’s Amnesty” Horowitz reminds us that, “Not only do Boehner and McConnell oppose any form of defund on any issue for risk of a shutdown, on immigration they downright support Obama’s action. They all support amnesty. Boehner told his conference that he told Obama “do what you gotta do.” Valerie Jarrett said that Boehner told Obama to simply wait until after the primaries were over to enact amnesty. If you believe that Boehner will effectively fight this next year, you shouldn’t be serving in Congress…”

    Boyle laid out a scenario in which the Capitol Hill Republican leadership engages in the same kind of three part strategy they have used in the past to try to cover their tracks on other issues where they shared Obama’s goals.

    First, a deceiving pantomime vote purporting to defund or block Obama’s amnesty.

    Second, stripping the defunding from the bill in the name of passing other legislation that they know Obama will never implement and they will never act to enforce, such as enhanced border security.

    Third, rewarding their corporate paymasters in the cheap labor wing of the US Chamber of Commerce with more spending, visas for foreign “techno-coolies” and agricultural workers, and relaxing the penalties for immigration violations.

    To that scenario our response to Matt Boyle was “Looking at what the Republican Party’s Capitol Hill leaders did in the CRomnibus it’s hard for conservatives to figure out who’s worse: Obama or the GOP leaders who apparently plan to overturn the results of the 2014 midterms by allowing the president’s unconstitutional amnesty to stand and, adding insult to injury, passing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wish list of more spending and more visas to displace American workers.”

    The new Congress will be sworn in on January 6, 2015, we urge you to call your Representative and Senators that morning to tell them to stop Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty. The Capitol Switchboard number is 1-866-220-0044, we urge you not to let up for one day in the push to stop Obama’s amnesty and what we see is the growing likelihood of a Republican leadership cave-in.

    Mark Levin didn’t mention a replacement, but offered these comments on Facebook:
    “GOP establishment is a disastrous mess. Clean them out. Time for new leaders with conservative principles.”

    “Boehner needs to go . . .”

    THE TEA PARTY needs you—America’s grassroots army—to keep going and continue the fight in Washington. YOU SHOULD WANT TO PURSUE EVERY SENATOR AND CONGRESSMAN and bomb the phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses of Members of Congress at any of the websites that offer this opportunity. Liberal, Democratic or staunch Republican sites will no let me broadcast my TEA PARTY thought and opinions, so I cannot offer you a click easy way to get to current anti-illegal websites.

    Every American is urged to pick-up the phone. US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121; (the toll free number is 1- 866-220-0044) and join other conservatives who are committed to flood the phone lines on Capitol Hill with this simple message.’ IGNORE THE PEOPLE AT YOUR OWN PERIL.’ A very reliable website designed for those against illegal immigration is Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is alipac or numbersusa. The newest revolution in unbiased news is from the cable TV network is called ‘One American News Network.’ This is Real 24 hour news without political party leanings.

    I have learned that many radical Liberal Progressive Zealots that call themselves unbiased webmasters are either banning me or erasing my activity because the don’t like the truth or they are trying veil information from the public.

    PS: As for Drivers licenses and as I understand it insurance subsidies paid for California taxpayers, all I see from illiterate, illegal aliens is massive gridlock on the highways, more accidents, DUI’s, more citizen deaths and hit and runs with the criminals absconding across the Southern border. God help the American driver.