Intelligence is lost when Name Calling Enters a Discussion

Intelligence is lost when Name Calling Enters a Discussion


The continued exchange between the United States and North Korea over the alleged hacking of Sony Pictures in response to its movie ‘The Interview,’ has become an embarrassment for a small and insignificant nation. The North Korean government called President Obama a ‘monkey.’ The dialogue becomes laughable and intelligence is proven to be lost when name calling enters a discussion.

The latest verbal attack by Pyongyang accuses the President for being responsible for the release of ‘The Interview’ on Christmas Day. Once again they display a lack of intelligence. Kim Jong-un may be able to dictate what businesses do and don’t do, but it doesn’t work that way in the United States.

The only thing Mr. Obama is guilty of is joining millions of other American who criticized Sony when they cancelled the release of the film, and surrendered to terrorist threats.

Our government claims that the cyber-attacks originated in North Korea. Are they entirely certain about their statement? Cyber experts believe that the source of the hacking incidents was internal. Has Sony underestimated the intelligence of the American people?

Prior to its release date The Interview received average to poor reviews. When the movie was released on Thursday theaters were sold out and internet purchases soared. Was the entire incident planned and executed by Sony to insure that the film was a monetary success?

The details of the limited release have been considered by the major movie companies for years. Bypassing the large theater operators, profits could readily come faster and increase by dramatic proportions.

As for threats from North Korea, they are frequent, often laughable, and always without intelligence and facts.

Pyongyang, constantly verbally attacks and makes threats against South Korea, knowing that the United States is its closest ally. Its most recent remarks came after North Korea was censured by the International Criminal Court for their record on human rights violations. Not only did the small nation threaten its southern neighbor, it once again resorted to name calling and exposed its lack of intelligence when its threats included Japan. Pyongyang referred to one of its closest neighbors as a ‘political pygmy,’ and said it would ‘send the island to the bottom of the ocean.’

Personal attacks are frequent. The president of South Korea was called ‘a crafty prostitute’ who was indebted to her ‘pimp,’ Barack Obama. In another article which related to the labels from North Korea, the President was called ‘a wicked black monkey.’intelligence

Because it possesses nuclear weapons, threats often include an attack including their use. When the United Nation’s led the investigation by the ICC approached, such a threat was issued. Although the investigation was prompted by the United Nations and the European Union, the United States and defectors from North Korea were the focus of the threats and verbal attacks. Defectors were called liars, and were referred to as ‘human scum who betrayed their homeland and people.’

A simple act by a South Korean Christian group to erect an electronic Christmas tree a few miles from its northern border resulted in a threat of war.

Balloons from South Korea condemning the government of Pyongyang are frequently floated across the border into the North. Once again the threat was war.

It is difficult to take a country seriously when it displays not even the slightest evidence of intelligence. North Korea will never be respected by the rest of the world as long as their leader fails to negotiate in good faith, and refuses to open its borders for the rest of the world and prove that the people of his nation are cared for and that alleged political prisons do not exist.

By James Turnage



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