Ground War Coming to the Mideast? Again?

Ground War Coming to the Mideast? Again?


Americans never want to see our country in a war, unfortunately our government has no greater joy. Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq were huge mistakes which cost the American people thousands of loved ones, and economically reduced our quality of life. The President has already authorized more ‘advisors’ in the fight against ISIS; now the reality is nearing that another ground war is coming to the Mideast.

Secretary of State John Kerry, while speaking before lawmakers debating the extent of funding for the battle against ISIS, asked Congress to ‘not rule out sending ground forces to the area.’ Although the American people have been promised that there would be ‘no boots on the ground’ in Iraq or Syria, we know that promises made by our government are frequently broken. The decision won’t come soon, Kerry indicated that President Obama wants to withhold the request until Republicans control both houses in January.

Unless our nation’s leaders can find a war to fight, our country serves no purpose. There is not enough money for social programs to care for the needs of the American people. However, there’s always plenty to fund planes, bombs, tanks, arms, and troops to attack another Muslim group, which we will ultimately leave in charge of the embattled area, as we lose battle after battle and retreat.

Kerry quoted Obama’s promise that we would not send combat forces into the area; then he uttered the famous word; ‘however.’ He also repeated that old refrain that any time limits established in the war against ISIS may need to be extended. The head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, is preparing a proposal to limit the battle against ISIS to three years, and forbid the use of ground forces.

How does the American public feel about another war in the Mideast, and ISIS in paticular? The latest polls show that 85 percent of all Americans are fearful that there will be a prolonged involvement in Syria and Iraq. 61 percent do not believe that the President has a clear plan regarding the situation. 64 percent believe that the air war presently being waged will be insufficient to defeat ISIS and ground troops will be sent to the Mideast once again. One thing the poll reveals which is somewhat befuddling, questions the knowledge of Americans about ISIS. 58 percent actually believe that the terrorist group is a major threat to the United States; 21 percent believe ISIS is only a minor threat; and 15 percent are convinced that they present no threat to our nation.

This sounds similar to Bush as he was speaking before Congress and the American people swearing that Iraq and their leader Saddam Hussein was a serious threat to the security of the United States.

We know that we can’t believe our country’s leaders. Virtually everything they tell us is proven to be a cover-up for the truth. The government of the United States of America is the most war-prone in modern history. We don’t know what to do; how to govern; or how to care for our people when we are not involved in a war halfway around the world.

Let’s start a lottery; all the winner has to do is predict the month our government admits that we have combat forces on the ground. It won’t be long.

By James Turnage



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