Glenn Beck to be Sued

Glenn Beck to be Sued


Glenn Beck is no Rush Limbaugh. He has tried to be as vile and vulgar as the long time extremist radio show host; he just can’t get quite that extreme in his diatribe of hatred and lies. Why? Beck is more of an opportunist who discovered an easy way to make money. He may lose some of it soon; he is going to be sued.

Beck, a former FOX Noise contributor, attempts to influence his listeners through displays of false emotions. He is frequently in tears. Soon those tears may be real as some money may be leaving his wallet. After the terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon in 2013, Beck continued his insistence that a Saudi national by the name of Abdulrahman Alharbi was involved in the incident. Alharbi was 20 years old at the time, and, like many others, was cleared by the authorities.

Beck, who has demonstrated his racism and bigotry continuously, would not cease his attack on the young man. He continued to assert his claim that Alharbi was connected with brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Alharbi, a student, was thoroughly investigated by the police, FBI, and Homeland Security. Beck continued to claim that ‘there was more,’ without presenting a single iota of evidence. As a spectator at the April 15th event Alharbi himself was slightly injured.

Beck attacked Alharbi and the government making unsubstantiated claims that the Saudi had financed the attacks, and because of his nationality his involvement was ‘covered-up.’

After repeated attacks on Mr. Alharbi, the young man decided he would counter attack. Beck’s attorneys asserted that Alharbi was a celebrity and therefore could not claim slander or libel. Alharbi’s attorneys countered, saying that Beck made him an unwanted celebrity of sorts; that he was a private citizen and had become a victim as a result of the attacks which caused verbal assaults based on hatred, and falsely created by Beck.

US District Court Judge Patti Saris agreed with Mr. Alharbi’s attorney. She said that because Beck’s accuser had been exonerated by the authorities but continued to receive fallacious attacks on his person by Beck, the lawsuit was valid and could be heard in a court of law.

As a radio personality, Beck lacks any degree of credibility. He left high school after winning a contest to become a DJ. He found some success, and quickly realized he could secure a career in the business. He found himself working in Seattle, and achieved a certain notoriety with his ‘folksy’ style.

After his parents divorced, and his mother died tragically in a boating accident, he returned to Bellingham and finished high school.

Eventually Beck returned to his search for fame and fortune. He obtained radio jobs across the nation, acquiring a career which awarded him with a $70,000 per year income at 21 years of age.

Beck’s on-air personality morphed to right wing politics. When the attacks on 9/11 occurred, the ever-opportunistic Beck became more voracious on his Philadelphia radio show. His show soon had 150 affiliated stations. CNN contacted Beck and offered him a segment. From there he went to FOX where his celebrity as an extreme right wing personality flourished.

He denounced President Obama, openly calling him a ‘racist,’ while Beck himself revealed his own vile prejudices. Additionally, he labeled the Reverend Al Sharpton a ‘terrorist’ for his statements about the unfortunate events in Ferguson, Missouri.

This uneducated, ill-informed personality, has made a career out of spreading hatred and fear to those who foolishly listen to him. He may have finally made a serious mistake. Previously fallacious attacks on well-known government officials and personalities prevented him from facing legal action. Now, condemning an innocent man, a private citizen, may result in a form of punishment.

Rush Limbaugh has been exposed; it’s your turn Mr. Beck.

By James Turnage