Clinton vs Bush in 2016

Clinton vs Bush in 2016


The 2016 presidential election is two years in the future. Thirteen Republican hopefuls are expected to seek their party’s nomination. Many of the thirteen have attempted a run at the White House previously; others are new, representing the TEA Party; they include Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will soon join the group. Although he has not previously made a bid for the presidency, his name is well-known; it is nearly a guarantee that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will be in the debates.

Democrats mention only two names; both are women. Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are their party’s choices. Senator Warren says that she will not run; we’ll see. As for now, the most likely foes in 2016 are Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush; at least according to the polls.

Clinton has not formerly declared her candidacy, but it is simply a matter of time. She has remained in the public eye; Super Pacs have already been established; a support group is in place.

Jeb Bush is also an undeclared candidate. However, just in the last week he has resigned from several private sector positions, clearing a path of a run at the White House.

Whether or not Senator Warren decides to enter the fray, she will have major influence on the Democratic Party. She has long been the champion of the working class and the largest critic of Wall Street. She continuously fights for an increase in minimum wage, and equal pay. This is where Clinton’s weakness lies. She has close ties to Wall Street, and has been criticized by those in her own party who are more liberal. In recent speeches, Clinton has aligned herself more closely with Warren. She has also voiced her concern about the disparity of wealth, and called the one-percent ‘robber barons.’Clinton

It’s impossible to know who will become Bush’s closest competitor. The race for the presidency is often a personality issue; the likely multiple debates will heavily influence Republican voters. On the issues, Bush’s record as governor in Florida was solid. He is a centrist although he has the core interests of his party as his base principals.

Some politicos see and un-opposed Clinton as a detriment to her future. The GOP will surely level a barrage of attacks related to multiple issues, true or not. Some Democrats believe that a heated battle with Warren for the right to stand on the stage at the Democratic Convention in 2016. Some describe a presidential campaign as a prize fight. The training prior to the actual event often decides the outcome.

A very positive indication of Clinton’s strength throughout the United States and the world was revealed by a recent Gallup poll. Clinton was voted ‘the most admired woman in the world.’ This is the 13th straight year she has received the accolade. In second place was Oprah Winfrey.

Who was the most admired man? President Obama for the seventh year. Behind the President in voting were Pope Francis and Bill Clinton.

By James Turnage


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