Bush Makes First Move Towards 2016

Bush Makes First Move Towards 2016


I have been interested in Politics since Eisenhower was president. I followed the conventions and believed every word the candidates spoke to their audiences. Of course I was just ten years old in 1956 when ‘Ike’ received his party’s nomination for a second term. Like many my age, my excitement peaked as John Fitzgerald Kennedy was nominated by the Democrats in 1960, my first year of high school; and my hopes were crushed on November 22, 1963 when the dreams of young men such as myself were taken away in our senior year. Politics and politicians are as different as the parties they claim to represent today. One of the most irritating ploys all major candidates use is their denial of a decision to run for president in the upcoming elections until they perceive a political advantage is at hand. One 2016 candidate for the Republican nomination can pretend all he wants, but the facts are there; Jeb Bush has made it certain that he will be a presidential candidate with a first move that makes his intent obvious.

Very few people in our nation want to see another Bush in the White House, including his own mother. However, with such weak and distrusted possible candidates as Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul hungering for the most powerful position in our nation, Bush may be their only choice.

Jeb Bush has resigned as a member of the Board of Directors of Tenet Healthcare Corporation, effective at the end of the year. He has been on the board since 2007. Tenet has announced that Bush’s resignation was not the result of disagreement between them. He has also cancelled his consulting contract with Barclays Bank.

This first step, to remove himself from a ‘conflict of interests,’ is not a hint at his decision regarding 2016, it is an affirmation. Bush has other private interests, and as he removes himself from each of them, and although he is not being entirely truthful, the fact is that his intentions are becoming much more transparent.Bush

What kind of president would Jeb Bush become? Recently released e-mails may give us an understanding into his philosophy about running a state and becoming the leader of a nation. Extremists in the GOP, known as TEA Party members, claim he is not a conservative. His record as a two-term governor of Florida and his actions while in office prove them wrong.

Even before his election as Governor of Florida in 1999, he began a conversation about the reduction of the State’s government; possibly by 50 percent. Less than a week after his inauguration in 2000, he e-mailed an aide asking if it could be done. The result was the privatization of hundreds of government related jobs.

One of his next steps was to eliminate Civil Service protections for government employees, and the outsourcing of some jobs. He e-mailed the leader of the teacher’s union, ‘United Teachers of Dade’ county, and informed him that he planned to set standards for teachers. He claimed it would be good for the system, and that the bottom third would be forced to improve or be released. Bush demonstrated his opposition to government control when he opposed a law requiring motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. When his brother, George W. Bush faced a recount in Florida, whose election practices were questionable, he defended his brother and the state and ostracized Democrats for their efforts to reach a fair conclusion.

Would Jeb Bush be a carbon copy of his father and brother if elected? Very likely. His principals and position on how our nation should be governed demonstrate far too much familiarity. Will he run? Without a doubt. All three members of the Bush family share one unhealthy quality; extreme ambition.

By James Turnage


The Eagle

Time Magazine

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  1. Wow that is what passes for journalism these days? The writer very quickly establishes the fact that he’s a democrat. Then skillfully tears bush down while somehow still making him look a bit better than those tea party extremists. All this while making his own party look like the fair and reasonable ones. Way for the liberal media to pick the next republican presidential candidate..