America would not Exist without Civil Disobedience

America would not Exist without Civil Disobedience


To all those who criticize the protestors in Ferguson, New York, Oakland, and many other cities around our nation, you are being un-patriotic, and you are denying what has become America in the 21st Century. The often heard claim that the United States of America is ‘the greatest country in the world’ is far from the truth. We are not even in the top ten in the important issues of quality of life and education. And we are not in the top 20 in multiple other categories. If America is to return to any form of greatness, it will be because to those who challenge authority. The truth is, America would not exist without civil disobedience. We would be under the auspices of the United Kingdom.

Surveys of the American people confirm that trust does not exist for most of our nation’s residents. Nearly 100 percent of our people have no faith in our federal government. State governments are disrespected on a par with those in Washington, and local governments fair only slightly better. Law enforcement and the entire legal system is both feared and mistrusted.

The marches on Wall Street and other major cities in the United States demanding that the ’99 percent’ be served instead of the ‘1 percent’ began a series of civil disobedience. The expose of unwarranted murders of black youths by law enforcement has resulted in a second level of public unrest. Could the situations which occurred in Egypt and Libya happen in the United States? It may not be as bloody, but the reality of a second American revolution is a possibility.

Those against the protests proffer examples unrelated to police prejudice. Religious zealots inserted abortion as an issue. They attempted to misdirect the facts and force their so-called prolife beliefs into the discussion. One issue is a fact, and the other is a religious issue which has no business in the conversation. Those against abortion rights are opposed to the rights of women to have control over their own bodies. The bigotry of police towards the black community and women’s rights have no parallel in our society.America

New York police embarrassed themselves as the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, was speaking at the funeral of assassinated officer Rafael Ramos. The mayor has spoken against the treatment of black men and women in the city by some of the police force. In retaliation, many of them turned their backs to him as he spoke. Are these officers demonstrating guilt, or are they simply racists?

What can our nation expect in 2015? Most likely more of the same. Without a universal effort to change the way those in a position of power perform their duties, an already inflammatory situation in our nation will only accelerate.

With Republicans in control of both houses of Congress, we will see an escalation by the NSA to invade our privacy and obliterate the 4th amendment. Legislation will be passed supporting the wealthiest Americans. Unemployment compensation and social programs will be reduced or eliminated. Unrest will grow, and anger will be spread throughout the nation. Immigration reform will be challenged, and the millions of Hispanics in our nation will join their black brothers and sisters in protests over inequality. Caucasian youth will join both groups, and a non-bloody revolution will begin.

The real ‘Tea Party’ in Boston Harbor; the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s; and the Vietnam War Protests were examples of civil disobedience which resulted in drastic change for the better in our nation. Do not deny them, and do not underestimate their value to our nation.

By James Turnage





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