Will Kobani be ISIS Waterloo?

Will Kobani be ISIS Waterloo?



The terrorist group which calls itself Islamic may have found its unwinnable battle. ISIS, which has been denounced by every legitimate Muslim state has been waging a campaign to capture the Kurdish town on the Syrian/Turkish border for weeks. Will Kobani be ISIS’ Waterloo?

The courage and determination of the Kurdish fighters defending Kobani, mixed with coalition air support, has a new hope of defeating the extremists at their door. Peshmerga fighters from Iraq’s Kurdish faction have arrived in the city. They are launching rocket attacks against ISIS from the west side of the city. Kurdish fighters who have been defending the people of Kobani have told the outside world that they did not need more fighters, they needed weapons. Help has arrived.

The goal is to liberate all villages in Kobani, and drive ISIS out of the city. The People’s Protection unit says that the Peshmerga will have an important role.

Reports from the area claim that at least 100 ISIS fighters have been killed in the past three days thanks to the efforts of Kurdish fighters and coalition air strikes.

With them the Peshmerga brought heavy machine guns, artillery, and anti-tank weapons. New optimism has risen in the besieged town.

By James Turnage


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