Vietnam Began this Way

Vietnam Began this Way


No other issue is as important to the average American as our nation refraining from entering into another unwinnable war, in a country that doesn’t want us there. However the President announced today that he’s sending 1,500 more troops to Iraq. Although he claims that they will not be in combat, we’ve heard this before. Vietnam began this way.

This doubles the previous number of American soldiers in Iraq who were sent to ‘advise, train, and protect American interests.’ He claims they are there to support the Iraqis in their efforts to defeat ISIS. How many body bags are being ordered this very day?

The extremist group, ISIS, has already won. Their spoken goal was to lure the United States to enter a war which we cannot win.

What will be the excuse to send the next 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 or 20,000 troops overseas? That answer can already be forecast. After several hundred of our soldiers have been killed, Congress will vote with the President to send whatever is needed to protect American lives. ‘Good Morning Vietnam.’

Requesting the President to send more troops came from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel at the bequest of Iraqi government leaders. This too sounds all very familiar. Is this the past repeating itself?

In 1961 the United States had 2,000 troops ‘in country.’ By 1964 the total number of U.S. military had already risen to 16,500. The first 2,000 were said to be advisors, and to assist the army of South Vietnam in their training for the war with the North. At the end of 1965 the Marines alone had 200,000 boots on the ground.

Isn’t it amazing that Washington can’t find money to fund projects and programs which benefit the American people, but there’s always enough money to rush to war.

This is a clear cut example of our government going against the wishes of its people. There will be protests; maybe not as large as those against the Vietnam War, but they will be just as loud. And with the aid of social media, they will be just as effective, dividing our nation between old and young; peace lovers and war mongers once again.

Obama will ask Congress to approve a total of 5 billion 500 million dollars for operations inside Iraq. House Speaker John Boehner wants the measure to go through a series of studies and committees before it is approved. Or government can’t work together even when it’s obvious both parties want the same thing.

One can’t help but question if the President’s decision is based on the election results from last Tuesday. Is he relinquishing his position of not putting U.S. ground forces in Iraq to align himself more closely with the right? What other issues which previously had his support will be abandoned? Is he putting nails in the coffin of Democrats who will be seeking office in 2016? Will there be more infighting between Democrats than Republicans?

This will be an interesting, and most likely unpleasant two years; at which time we could easily have tens of thousands of troops in the Mideast fighting a second Iraq War.

By James Turnage




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