Turkey Aligning with ISIS?

Turkey Aligning with ISIS?


How closely is ISIS linked to Turkey and its Muslim extremist President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan? Kurds in the border town of Kobani claim that recent attacks on their city originated in Turkey. Is Erdogan aligning himself with this terrorist group?

The attack began with suicide bombers who detonated their vehicle approaching from the Turkish side of Kobani. The Kurdish Commander reported that about 30 fighters were killed, including 21 members of ISIS.

The Administration of President Erdogan denied that the recent attacks came from Turkey. Although Erdogan opposes his Syrian neighbor Assad, and supports the rebels, he has failed to provide aid for those fighting in Kobani. He claims it is because he fears the Kurds will attempt to establish and independent state.

Kurdish commanders are claiming that ISIS fighters are entrenched in grain silos in Turkey and are waging their attacks from those positions.

The Kurds have been fighting ISIS in Kobani for more than two months. Aided by air attacks against the terrorist group, and an influx of freedom fighters from Iraq, the Kurds are slowly pushing back the terrorist group.

By James Turnage


The Guardian

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