This Republican Party Will Never Change

This Republican Party Will Never Change


Reading about the GOP in 2014 makes one feel like he or she has taken a trip on a time machine and went back in history to the 20th century; particularly the 1950’s. After their second loss in 2012, Republican leadership claimed that they were aware the party had to change its attitude towards women and minorities. Instead, they have regressed; this Republican Party will never change.

The GOP in 2014 is your grandfather’s Republican Party. In the 1950’s the civil rights movement did not exist, there was no immigration problem, and women were subservient to their male counterparts. For Republicans these were the good old days.

It’s hard to believe, but to demonstrate how antiquated conservatives are, their prime choice for their party’s presidential candidate in 2016 is Mitt Romney. Really? Romney is a backwards thinking old man who hasn’t had a new idea in 30 years when he was what, only 60 years old? I kid old Mitt.

In a recent poll asking Republican voters who they would prefer to see on the ballot in 2016, the highest percentage belonged to Romney at nineteen; Jeb Bush was second at eleven percent. The Quinnipiac survey gives us all a good idea of the age and mindset of conservative voters.

While Democratic voters considered and elected a black man, and are now looking towards a woman to become our nation’s leader, Republicans continue to seek another old man such as Ronald Reagan who nearly destroyed our economy with his failed economic strategy. We had to wait until George W. Bush became president for his policies to succeed in reality.

There is little disagreement that potential Republican candidates lack both likeability and credibility, but to bring back the ‘Mittster’ reveals a sense of desperation. Our country has regressed in multiple ways since 2000, and we can’t survive as a nation if we continue to move in a backwards direction.

An analysis of the reasons why Romney lost the election in 2012 to President Obama reveal a multitude of seemingly small details. He failed to have a sufficient number of staffers ‘on the ground’ in key states, where Mr. Obama had thousands. His press corps failed to make Romney likeable to the average man and woman, and they came to believe that he did not care about their welfare. With these and several other mistakes in tow, the Romney camp continued to believe it could win all the way through election night.

Romney’s inner circle knew that his primary weakness was his need for privacy, and not allowing the voting public to learn much about his private life. Some claimed that he was not truly vested in his campaign for the presidency.

Who should be the Republican candidate in 2016? Many seek the nomination, but only one can be chosen. At least two radicals will be in the mix; TEA Party darlings Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Neither has the experience or understanding of international relations to receive serious consideration. Jeb Bush will likely throw his hat in the ring, but as his mother once said; “there have been enough Bush’s in the White House.” Does former Texas Governor Rick Perry seriously believe he has a chance? No more Texas governors. Chris Christie was once considered a front runner, but he has proven to be too erratic and unstable to be our nation’s leader.

The election is less than two years away. Republicans need a Messiah; all they have now are demagogues.

By James Turnage


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