Sunday Morning Talk Show Roundup

Sunday Morning Talk Show Roundup


President Obama was on ‘Face the Nation’ with Bob Schieffer. Here is a synopsis of that conversation and a sampling of other discussions on the Sunday morning talk show roundup.

The first thing they discussed was that negotiations with Iran regarding their nuclear program have been rumored to be connected with the fight against ISIS. He said that although ISIS was a common enemy, they were not associated.

Schieffer asked him about blatant threats by Republicans regarding immigration reform. The President declared that if Congress did not act by the end of the year to enact legislation which he could approve, he would issue an executive order which would grant amnesty to a small number of Hispanics who are presently undocumented. Although Republicans have issued warnings to Mr. Obama that this form of action would result in increased problems in Washington, he said that they are not giving him a choice in the matter. He also made the point that if Congress does pass a bill, and he signs it, it voids all items in the executive order.

Surprisingly, in spite of the severe gridlock in our nation’s capital, Mr. Obama says that he loves his job.

‘Meet the Press’ had Wisconsin Governor, Republican Scott Walker, on the program. There is little room for doubt that Walker will seek the Republican Presidential nomination in 2016. Walker made a questionable claim that Governors make better presidents than Congressmen or Senators. He does have a point; former Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton left office in 2000. His legacy was a balanced economy and increased economic growth. However, he left us with George W. Bush, who was the Governor of Texas. Bush left us in a recession, the worst since the 1929 depression, two illegal and unwinnable wars, and a lack of respect from nations and their people worldwide. He may be right, but he may be wrong.

Another of Todd’s guests was former presidential candidate and Democratic National Chairman, Howard Dean. Dean rightfully said; “where the hell is the Democratic Party; you have to stand for something if you want to win.”

He also proclaimed his support for Hillary Clinton in 2016. He said more money must be diverted to state Democratic Parties and renew the grass roots movement which swept President Obama into office.

Finally, he said that Democrats must fight to restore the Supreme Court to a deliberative body which is removed from political influence. He claims that many recent decisions by the Court are un-Constitutional.

South Dakota’s Republican Senator John Thune appeared on ‘State of the Union,’ a CNN broadcast. He believes that the hearings to approve President Obama’s nominee for Attorney General should be delayed until Republicans take control of the Senate in January. In typical political and deceptive ‘gobbilty-gook’ he says it would ‘be in the nation’s best interest.’ What that means is the Republican Party’s best interest.

It makes little sense to delay the confirmation of Loretta Lynch for more than two months when it widely assumed that many in the GOP will approve the President’s nominee.

And finally, also on ‘Face the Nation,’ former Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Morell discussed violations by the NSA. He claims that only a handful were committed by the CIA, (why would we doubt anyone from the CIA), but that new proposals by the President could be more intrusive.

If you missed these broadcasts, you didn’t miss much; it was politics as usual. We must deal with that four-letter word, but we don’t have to like it.

By James Turnage


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