Republicans will Suffer Losses in 2016

Republicans will Suffer Losses in 2016


Republicans have wasted time and money for six years attempting to defeat President Obama. They have proven that they are the party of failure; and they will suffer many defeats in 2016.

They have laid the groundwork for defeat throughout Mr. Obama’s Presidency, culminating by winning the House and Senate in the midterms. They will surely do nothing in the next two years, and can no longer blame the President or Democrats.

Conservatives have attempted to defeat every measure the President campaigned for, and failed. They have attempted to create scandals, when none exist. They lack the mental acuity to fight for the battles they could win, such as passing fair immigration reform, or recognizing that women are equal to men.

The Republican controlled House has voted 54 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, frequently labeled Obamacare. 54 times they have wasted their time, which is paid for by taxpayers, and failed. Even when they were proven wrong, and seven million people signed up for health care; were pleased with the plan; premiums didn’t rise by more than a few dollars; and businesses didn’t fail. 54 times they attempted to attach financial restraints which would derail the system, and failed.

The tragedy in Benghazi became an attempt to create a scandal for the White House. The House Intelligence Committee released a report that debunked all of the accusations made by Republicans and billionaire Chairman Representative Darrell Issa. There was no evidence that there was a delay by the CIA or military to aid those under siege at the embassy where Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were murdered on September 11, 2012. And there was no effort to smuggle guns from Libya to Syria.

The criticism of Susan Rice, Ambassador to the United Nations, was unfounded. She was misinformed by the intelligence community as to the cause for the attack. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not negligent in support of the embassy. Republicans simply failed again to create a scandal when none existed.

Next came the IRS. Republicans once again claimed scandal. They accused the White House of unfair treatment of the TEA Party by targeting their group with an audit to determine their privileges as a tax-exempt organization. It was later discovered that this practice involved a single office; there was no conspiracy. Oh, by the way, Liberals had been targeted as well. Another failure in a long line of wasted time and money to smear the President’s record. (Why didn’t they investigate George W. Bush? Was it because they knew what they would find?)

Finally we’ll talk a little about immigration reform. In June of 2013 the Senate passed a bill which would have created a way for over 11 million undocumented residents to seek a path to citizenship. The vote was 68-32. When the bill was sent to Speaker of the House John Boehner, he refused to allow his constituents to vote on the law. He said that the House would create its own bill. They have never presented a single piece of legislation regarding immigration reform. The House consists of a large majority of Republicans, and a failed and fraudulent leader.

This week the President kept his promise. He stated that if Congress failed to pass a law he could sign, he would take executive action which would affect as many as five million Hispanic men, women, and children. Parents of children who were born here, and have been in our country for at least five years will receive temporary legal status. He also made it possible for those who have special skills to remain.

Republicans are suing the President. Virtually all of them are lawyers; one must question how they passed the bar exam. Conservatives will fail once again.

Democrats have an opportunity to stand up and show some courage on this matter. However, if history proves anything, it proves that Liberals are frequently born without spines.

By James Turnage



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