Republicans: Offer us some new Ideas

Republicans: Offer us some new Ideas


For Independents it is difficult to support Republicans. In order to gain the support of informed voters, they need to offer some new ideas. Proof that they continually rehash old, worn-out, and unreasonable ideas was given to the electorate on FOX News Sunday.

Mitt Romney, who is probably the best candidate that the GOP can offer in 2016, sadly, talked about the issues, and what would happen if Republicans controlled both houses.

His first assumption was that President Obama would use his executive powers and grant amnesty to over 11 million illegal residents in our country. He said that before that happens Republicans will pass a more conservative form of immigration reform centered on securing our borders. Really? Independents have heard this over and over again. Let’s have a new idea here from the right.

He also claimed that the Democrats were to blame for the gridlock in Washington. Again; really? Mitch McConnell and John Boehner guaranteed nothing would be done and they’ve succeeded. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Independent or a member of one of the major parties, everyone who knows anything about Congress is aware of who is responsible.

Romney also claimed that Democrats are getting desperate on issues of women’s rights and race. Has he been out of the country since 2012?

He also said; “I’m not running in 2016;” which means that he is.

Romney also predicted big changes in Washington. He would not declare a majority for the GOP in the Senate, but guaranteed that things would change. Hey, Mitt, it would be hard for things to get worse.

He went on and on about the same old things. ‘Obamacare is bad;’ the President didn’t sign the Keystone pipeline bill, (which is a bad idea), the economy is not good, (again, really); he’s bad on education. What cool-aid has he been drinking?

Independents want to hear something new; one single thing we can support which would actually make a difference.

Democrats are not much better. They refuse to take credit for the successes of the Obama Administration and frequently align themselves with those on the right side of the aisle. Pandering does not win elections. Independents don’t want to be talked down to.

So what are the people of the United States to expect? Nothing new. It is extremely likely that the 114th Congress will be as unsuccessful as the 112th and the 113th.

By James Turnage



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