Republicans Act Like Spoiled Children

Republicans Act Like Spoiled Children


When Republicans don’t get their way they act just like spoiled children. If the game doesn’t result in a victory for them, they take their ball and go home. Immigration is unquestionably the most important issue in our nation; reform must be accomplished; but Republicans don’t want to play nice.

The first promise by Republicans after the midterm election was ‘no more government shutdowns.’ It comes as no surprise that this is likely to become their first lie. Washington’s immature leaders are threatening to shut the government down to prevent the President from using his executive powers to grant amnesty to several million undocumented residents.

John Thune, a Republican Senator from South Dakota, was on FOX News Sunday. He said both House and Senate Republican leaders were considering any method available to thwart action by the President, including defunding the government.

Following six years of Republican history, instead of making an effort to solve our nation’s problems, they choose to attack any effort made by our nation’s leader. How was it possible for them to win the 2014 midterms? They are the reason Washington accomplished so little during the 112th and 113th Congress’.

In response to the President’s expected action, Republican Representative Tom Cole claims that Mr. Obama is forcing the GOP to take extreme action; it’s not their fault.

Another issue will likely be the upcoming talks with Iran regarding nuclear power. War mongering Republicans have been itching to go to war; they say that they don’t believe that Iran is negotiating in good faith. Their philosophy of shoot first and talk later continues.

When a government is in disarray; when it is not only broken but shattered; something must change. On November 4th instead of change for the better, voters made it worse. Keeping Speaker of the House, John Boehner is bad enough; he is undoubtedly the worst man to have ever held that position. Now Mitch McConnell is Senate Majority Leader. During his tenure as Senate Minority Leader, McConnell did accomplish his singular goal; he promised very little meaningful legislation was passed. However, he did fail at an earlier goal which was to keep President Obama from being reelected.

The President has been at the G-20 Summit. He will be returning to a situation which has worsened while he was away from the White House. Republicans are acting like a fox who was just given the keys to the chicken coop. They believe they are now the power in Washington. There is some good news; if nothing gets accomplished regarding the many issues facing our nation, Democrats can no longer be blamed.

One guarantee is that no matter what achievements are made by the President, Republicans will criticize him. While at the G-20 Summit, an agreement was made with China to begin reducing carbon emissions. There is no doubt that in a perfect world it could have had more strength, more urgency. At least it’s a beginning. McConnell and others blamed the President for not negotiating a more stringent agreement. What makes this interesting is one question; when did Republicans begin to care about the environment? They flatly deny climate change caused by man exists.

When a country is run by greed, it must fail. Capitalism has failed the working class as predicted by economists for hundreds of years. Now that Republicans control both houses, and corporations truly own America.

By James Turnage




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