Racism a Growing Evil in America

Racism a Growing Evil in America


Far too often we lose great men and women very early in their lives. Those who fight for justice and the common good are never with us long enough. What never seems to go away is the evil among us. If you kill one cockroach, a dozen more take its place. It’s the same with evil men and women and destructive organizations. Racism and bigotry are a growing evil in America.

Frank Ancona is the leader of the Missouri Ku Klux Klan. He is distributing fliers in the Ferguson area threatening protesters with lethal action if they feel the police or innocent citizens are threatened. He is calling them terrorists. What an admirable effort!

With the decision of the grand jury imminent regarding the killing of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, the KKK is once again inciting riots and anticipating violence. The protests in Ferguson have been entirely based on racial issues, but they are not only about the death of an 18-year-old young man.

The attitude of the police department at the very beginning of the protests incurred fear and anger among the predominately black community. Appearing in full combat attire, carrying assault weapons, and riding in armored vehicles seemed to indicate that they were planning for street warfare.

Although the KKK is one of the oldest and most despicable organizations in our nation, far too many members of law enforcement share their views. The ratio across the nation of black young men vs. white young men who are arrested is five to one. The ratio of blacks vs. whites detained while driving on city streets is twice that. The number of blacks vs. whites who are wounded or killed by police is more than 65 percent higher within the African-American Community.

In major cities mothers teach their teenage sons how to act and where not to go; fueled by fear of law enforcement, they prepare their sons to the best of their ability to avoid physical injury.

Law enforcement has lost much of the respect formerly given to them. Respect must be earned, and those in authority have taken actions throughout the nation resulting in anger and hatred in ethnic and race-dominated communities.

What action will law enforcement take when the decision is made and protestors fill the streets? What will be their response to a group of cowardly white men wearing sheets and carrying weapons? Missouri Governor Jay Nixon insists that there will be no violence in Ferguson. He is prepared to call up the National Guard.

When will our city, state, and federal authorities learn that communication and education are the only means which can prevent violence caused by fear and the resulting anger it ensues?

Florissant is a small city north of Ferguson. Its residents fear that the violence in Ferguson could spread to their town.

Florissant’s population is the exact opposite of Ferguson; two-thirds of the population is white; one-third black. The average yearly wage is $51,000; in Ferguson it is $37,000. Although there exists a racial and economic gap between the two cities, they have been linked together for years with friends and family.

The citizens of Florissant generally believe that the black community has a reason to be angry, but are not handling it properly. Others blame the protestors for clashes with police.

What we know is that the media has swarmed the city of Ferguson awaiting the grand jury’s decision. The black community is praying for justice, but they have doubts that the decision they wait for deliver justice for Michael Brown.

By James Turnage




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