Protests you won’t Hear about on the News

Protests you won’t Hear about on the News


Protests have taken place in 481 cities worldwide. The activist group ‘Anonymous’ organized the ‘Million Mask March.’ These protests will unlikely be covered on the news shows; you simply won’t hear about them.

Displays of civil disobedience were organized in the United Kingdom, China and the United States to protest mass surveillance, social injustice, and government austerity. One of the largest was in London where ten people were arrested. Authorities were well aware and well-prepared for the protests planned for November 5th.

The masks worn by many of the marchers were copies of the masks worn in the movie ‘V for Vendetta.’ The protesters were warned before they began their march that they could face police brutality and suffer physical harm.

What is ‘Anonymous?’ It describes itself as a “truth movement advocating hacktivism as self-defense for unconstitutional government.” It claims its purpose is to free the world’s people from oppressive governments by exposing the truth. It has no leadership organization; it functions through ideas and calls it a ‘fluid’ organization.

The protests in London resulted in several violent clashes between police and marchers. In advance of the event, police obtained a permit to remove the masks of marchers if they had reason to believe a crime had been committed. Actor Russel Brand appeared without a mask. As a crowd of media and marchers surrounded him he said that he simply wanted to be part of a peaceful and important protest. His presence angered some of the protestors who pride themselves of having no designated leadership. They felt that Brand became too much of a central figure in the crowd.

The annual march has experienced growth each year. The premise of Anonymous is that the internet can bring down corrupt governments.

The marchers often included entire families in the truly worldwide event. Around the globe from South Africa, Australia, China, Hong Kong, the United States, and throughout Europe angry protesters chanted their displeasure with their governments.

Why hasn’t this event been more prevalent in the media here in the United States. The truth is government suppression. Our government controls much of the mainstream media and censors what the focus of their reports will entail. Protecting the un-Constitutional acts of the NSA are a primary concern.

By James Turnage



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