Mitch McConnell’s Life is the Senate

Mitch McConnell’s Life is the Senate



Mitch McConnell will do anything to get reelected. He wants to ensure that he will have a plush life without doing anything to earn it. The leader of the ‘do absolutely nothing’ 112th and 113th Congress’ wants the residents of Kentucky to give him another opportunity to continue to do nothing. His entire life revolves around his life as a Senator.

In 2012 he told his party; ‘we have only one goal, and that is to ensure that Obama is not reelected.’ One failure added to dozens of others.

He has lost all integrity and respect in the last six years. His bigotry and racism have surfaced to a deplorable and undeniable level. If the residents of Kentucky reelect him they will prove that red states have no values and no respect for our political system.

McConnell’s funding is mostly from out of state contributors thanks to the Unconstitutional decision which upheld Citizens United. He is now accused of voter suppression tactics. His campaign has mailed letters denouncing his opponent, Allison Lundergan Grimes of falsehoods regarding his outside funding and support from organizations which are against the interests of Kentucky’s voters. The title of the letter is ‘Election Violation Notice.’ Legal action may be taken by the Democratic Party.

McConnell’s attempts to buy the election have proven futile. Although the polls show him with a slight lead, his victory remains questionable.

McConnell’s desperation is obvious. His popularity in his home state has been depleted, and he is ‘grabbing at straws.’ The only weapon he had against Grimes was to connect her with the President. Kentuckians are anti-Obama by a huge margin. That has failed, and he is now struggling to remain Kentucky’s favorite son.

Grimes and McConnell have both received leads in the polls throughout the campaign season. When Grimes was shown as losing by as much as three points, Democratic funding ceased. A week later she closed the gap and the money returned.

A victory for Grimes in Kentucky would not only be a victory for the Democratic Party but for the people of the United States. Speaker of the House John Boehner, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are the primary reasons why our government has failed the people of the United States.

Is there hope for a 114th Congress to accomplish serious legislation in the next two years? The answer is ‘no’ if both failed Republican leaders continue to betray their party and the people of the United States.

James Turnage




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