Mitch McConnell Cares About the Environment?

Mitch McConnell Cares About the Environment?


The expected Senate Majority Leader in 2015 criticized the President and his negotiations with China regarding carbon emissions. When did the biggest supporter of coal in our nation’s history begin to care about the environment?

Mitch McConnell never met a coal mine he didn’t rely on for his election campaigns. He is claiming that China has no responsibility for change in its policies in near future after negotiations with the President. 70 percent of China’s energy comes from coal. The coal industry is the major reason why the ‘turtle’ remains in the Senate. Throughout his tenure as the senior Senator from Kentucky, his prime issue has been supporting the state’s coal industry.

Hypocrisy is Washington’s favorite hobby. For the six years of the Obama Administration, Mitch McConnell has been the leader of the pack. He has consistently blamed Democrats and the President for the failure of Congress when he has been the primary broken cog in the Washington machine. And he was honest about his intentions; he had no concern for leading an effective Senate, his only stated concern was to defeat any program supported by President Obama.

One of Republican’s mantra has been that climate change is not caused by man. McConnell has been at the forefront of that denial of the science of climatology. Contradiction by conservatives of more than 95 percent of the world’s climatologists is an embarrassment to intelligent voters and the American public at large. The truth is in the facts.

Other hypocrites include Speaker of the House John Boehner, and Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, who will likely become the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. They too criticized the President for not pressing China for a more timely commitment to reduce fossil fuel pollution.

Republicans have been quick to condemn the President on every issue; even when he has proposed an idea which sensible conservatives championed themselves. Let’s be completely honest, this President has had enormous success in many areas. Our economy is returning to normal more quickly than economists predicted. Unemployment is at a seven-year low. Seven million people have health care who could not previously obtain it. The stock market has experienced all-time record highs. What have Republicans accomplished in six years? The answer is simple; only one thing can be credited to the GOP; they won the midterm election; they have failed at doing their jobs.

The environment has never been a concern for Republicans; the opposite is the truth. They have denied climate change exists and supported the major polluters who heavily lobby conservatives to prevent major policy changes by our government. Now when Republicans criticize an environmental agreement, what they are actually doing is making fools of themselves.

One example is the Keystone Pipeline. If completed, it would present the possibility of a major ecological disaster. Republicans are pushing to pass legislation approving its construction. They claim that it will create jobs and increase oil independence for the United States. Both are blatant lies. The only jobs will be temporary, for those who actually construct the pipeline. Tar sands crude will not and cannot be refined and used in the United States; it will be shipped to foreign nations. Profits from the sale of this dirty crude will go directly into the pockets of oil company executives who are part-owners of the Republican Party.

It’s both laughable and sad that McConnell and others would dare to make any remarks about an environmental agreement. They continue to blow smoke up our derrieres.

By James Turnage



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