Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 Controversy and Cover-ups

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 Controversy and Cover-ups


It remains uncertain if the world will ever know the truth about the loss of over 300 lives which occurred over the skies of the Ukraine. There is no doubt that it was shot down; there was no mechanical malfunction or pilot error. Who destroyed the civilian aircraft and why is the question everyone wants to have answered. That may never happen; the many possible explanations and multiple accusations grow with every week. Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 and the disaster which occurred over airspace which was contested by warring factions is filled with controversy and cover-ups.

On July 17, 2014, MH-17 disappeared from radar. It was later found. The Boeing 777 was a pile of rubble in Eastern Ukraine. 298 passengers and its crew became charred remains amongst the rubble. Many questions remain related to the loss of innocent lives. The first was lost in the accusations following the disaster; why was a commercial flight allowed to travel through a designated war zone? Most countries had diverted their flights to avoid Ukraine airspace.

The first assumption was that Ukraine rebels supported and supplied by Russia had mistakenly fired ground-to-air missiles which destroyed the commercial flight. That theory has yet to be disproven. The rebels countered with a claim that military forces from inside Ukraine had fired the missile which destroyed MH-17.

Here are the multiple assumptions and accusations regarding the incident which resulted in the loss of hundreds of innocent lives.

Russia would like the world to believe that the army of the Ukraine was the villain because they possessed the weapons which were capable of destroying aircraft at high altitude. The problem with this allegation is that Ukraine had no motive. They have been seeking the support of nations who are sympathetic to their cause. Such and act would be detrimental to their image.

The separatists implied that Ukraine was attempting to shoot down Premier Vladimir Putin’s private aircraft. Although they did briefly intersect, Putin’s plane was never in Ukraine airspace for a lengthy period of time. In addition, Ukraine would have risked all-out war with dominate Russia.

Other far-fetched theories involved countries and issues from AIDS to Israel. The latest appears to be among the most bizarre conspiracy theories.

Ukraine made the assertion that the rebels, supplied by Russia, had acquired ground-to-air missiles capable of destroying Ukraine aircraft and mistakenly fired on the commercial aircraft.

A report by Russian Air Traffic Control claims that military aircraft were present in the area where MH-17 was shot down. They produced photographs which have not been verified. These aircraft were in the area of Rostov, which is near the Ukraine border, just before the commercial aircraft was shot down, and as long as 20 minutes after the incident.

Why didn’t the aircraft in question appear on radar? Russian agencies claim that this is further evidence that the flight faced destruction because of military action by Ukraine. Military aircraft turn off their transponders when engaged in war-related activity.

No agency investigating the tragedy has been able to define the exact cause of the loss of over 300 lives. Will the truth be revealed? It becomes increasingly doubtful. Blame from both sides continues as wives, children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and friends want answers; answers which may never come.

By James Turnage



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