John Boehner is the Reason for our Broken Government

John Boehner is the Reason for our Broken Government


The extremely poor turnout in the lackluster midterms revealed nothing about the present or the future of Congress. What voters can expect is that the 114th Congress will accomplish little, as did the 112th and 113th. The core of the problem is a complete lack of leadership. Speaker of the House John Boehner is the prime reason for our broken government.

Republicans made a huge mistake electing and re-electing Boehner as the Speaker. He is weak and continues to waste the House’s time rehashing the same issues.

Adding to the uselessness of government is the unfortunate fact that Mitch McConnell is the Senate Majority Leader. He promised that Republicans in the Senate would do nothing when he was the minority leader; he kept that promise, so we know what to not expect; but that remains to be seen.

In typical Boehner manner, the Speaker announced Monday night that he was going to appoint Trey Gowdy, Representative from South Carolina, to head the Select Committee on Benghazi in the upcoming 114th Congress. There’s one minor problem; that committee does not exist. It would need to be created once again. And why would that happen? The House Intelligence Committee, consisting primarily of Republicans, recently finished a two-year investigation and reported that all the allegations were incorrect.

Boehner is a complete failure. He has allowed the House to vote 54 times in four years to repeal the Affordable Care Act. His accomplishments as the man who is third in line for the Presidency can be shown by placing the tip of your forefinger against the tip of your thumb.

What he will accomplish and receive dubious credit for is a likely shutdown of the Government in an attempt to ‘defund’ Obamacare. He has ‘led’ by two methods. He delays votes on bills which are opposed by the GOP until he is certain they will fail in the House. His only other tactic is to side with the TEA Party extremists in the House and rant, rave and threaten in attempts to receive their continued support.

Boehner’s favorability rating within his own party is 33 percent. His failure to debate issues, maintaining a rock hard stand, is the reason nothing has been accomplished in the last four years. The reason our founding fathers established two houses of Congress was to encourage deliberation, eventually resulting in a compromised, equitable decision.

He is the primary reason the TEA Party has any power within the GOP. He sides with these extremists far more frequently than with more moderate Republicans in the House.

There is a humorous side to the story. Boehner is disliked by both Democrats and Republicans alike for proving that he is an inadequate leader. The problem is that they don’t know how to cure the situation.

Meanwhile, the Senate appears to be moving much closer to becoming a group which will actually negotiate the issues. In addition, Mitch McConnell has proposed that the Senate work on Fridays. Many Americans are not aware that the Senate work week was Monday Through Thursday. Friday was expected to be a day for travel to their homes and families. At this time that is no longer a reality. Most Americans also do not know that Congressmen work only 100 days a year; and much of that is spent campaigning for their next election.

By James Turnage



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